the search engine. . . have you revved it up yet? (groaner .. I know)

I'm just loving my new search engine on my blog sidebar. Have you tried it out? I actually find this more useful for my own need than my index. My SwDS (soft ware developing son) actually suggested I lose my index completely but I suggested to him that you might not know what you wanted to look for if you were new to my blog page.
It really is that handy though. I loaded it up through blogger in draft and I used it this morning to see how often I have gone on and on about my pond plant.
Apparently .. .I've gone on and on about it a few times. Perhaps this search engine might not be the best idea. If I can find out that I've gone on and on about it a few times ..
then you could find that out too. . .


Last year for instance. . .
I didn't know the name of it .. . so I asked all of you ..
we came to realize that it was called
a floating heart flower plant. . .

I looked it up on the Internet and gave you the link to prove it.

So . . .this year the floating heart plant is in full bloom.
The gold fish have completely woken up from their winter hibernation.
I tossed in a petal to tease them this morning and you can see one of the taking the bait.

We My gardener has yet to clean the pond out. .
this is always a photo op in itself. .

This magnolia blossom is looking towards the heavens for the daily forecast.
It looks like it's keeping its eyes shut but mouth open for
a drop or two of rain.

This Star Magnolia is at its best right now. I am amazed at how pretty this time of year is.
I'm heading out this morning on assignment. . . (snicker)
to see the daffodil fields in bloom.

Have a wonderful day my friends, my pedometer is on and though my average is still less than I'd like it to be .. .I'll post it tomorrow .. .
come and see.

(a little poetry there to start your day .. .woo hoo)


  1. Thanks, Lovella, for your suggestion on my kitchen dilemma. Climbing up and down that ladder should increase the count on the pedometer. If not, at least the stretching and reaching will do me some good!

    The magnolias are so pretty! I love all the little indicators of Spring!

  2. I'm not knowing so much about the blogging things but I do enjoy the flower information. I have heard people refer to magnoia trees as tulip trees. Are they the same thing or different?

  3. That's amazing about your new blogger search engine...You'll keep us all motivated.
    Those blossoms are just bursting and so are my tulips...I've got my camera battery all charged up..ready for them to burst out...

  4. Love the magnolia blossom ready to open..looks like a duck's head!
    It's slow in warming up here but it sure isn't stopping spring from appearing.
    Off to the big city a little, eat a little..

  5. Don't worry about repeating yourself, Lovella! Good things bear repeating! but I haven't caught you in the act yet !!

    Your magnolia blossom reminds me of my bush/tree I had in other place... spring does make me just a tad homesick !!

    I'm impressed with all your new computer tricks.. I'll watch and see how they work before I tax my brain to figure them out !! :-)

    Ohh.. the deer are here for their apples... gotta go feed them !

  6. Your research/documentation skills have sharpened considerable over the past year! I salute you! I am also glad to know the exact kind of magnolia graces your garden with scent and wistful memories.

    As to the search option, I have always just used the "search this blog" search screen next to "next blog" at the top of my blog. I'm puzzled as to why blogger has decided to name this as a new feature!

    An interesting tip: go to "Search blogs" (from the google home page, then selecting more to find Search blogs.) Search for your blog (or your name Lovella) and find all the other blogs that mentioned your posts. I was amazed to discover Columbia University Alumni association put up one of my posts, and another offical organization quoted me at length on the subject of neighborhoods.

    Set up a watch for your blog as well. This is how authors and milliners knew when I had mentioned them; I likewise prefer to know if someone is mentioning me, for good or for bad.

    You also can find out how many other blogs link to you either permanently or within a link.

    (We're done sunning for today, a big golf game is on TV and I am taking a blog reading break before going on a bike ride...)

  7. Interesting! I tried it...looked up papaya dressing and pear custard pie and there they were!!!
    I know I sound like a five-year-old proudly accomplishing the skill of adding two plus two!

  8. the new search engine is great!! love all the flowers starting to bloom too!! fabulous!

  9. I love how cute you are with your blogger saavy-ness. There are some really cool tricks aren't there?!

  10. You are incredible. By the way, your presentations and explanations rival any of these silly consultants they hire at work and their useless power points! Good on you. I am jealous...I am so NOT compuer savy!

  11. You didn't have the search engine before? I've always had one and just thought that it was part of the deal as I can't remember doing anything to install it. It sure does make everything a lot easier.

    I was terribly impressed with your scholarship in determining the best day for the snow in my front yard to be gone. Would you believe that I have spent a fair amount of time studying BC's climate, too? I discovered that you must be near the coast as that is where the temp is mild. In the interior, it's an entirely different story. How am I doing so far?

    And you even have magnolias? They don't grow here at all.


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