Saturday walking shoes

The sun is out ..
the sheets are drying on the line .. .
flip flops are the walking shoe of the day ..
woo hoo .. .
My average walking total is dismally below my desired objective. .
no worries. . ..
there is always next week.
Spring is here,
I've enjoyed the moments of the day this week,
and pretty happy that I have.
My average was 7,870.
Have a wonderful weekend my friends,
See you Monday.


  1. I think my walking totals for the whole week no averages is about 4000! Amen to there is always next week. As they say "Life happens"
    Love those little feet in the flip flops. My kids in Seattle are so excited to the sunshine and projected warm temps forcast for today. Enjoy your Spring week...
    Oh-no walking totals posted on my blog this week but I do have a definition for Meme...

  2. very adorable shoes! I've just been changing over the childrens' clothes this morning -- a big chore, and silly too, when it's in the 40's out. Oh well. It needs to be done.

    I've been pretty good on the bike this week, along with my stretches. i missed out a day, but made up for it with all the extra work for the shower I hosted.

  3. Kayaking twice and a couple of walks - like you say - there's always next week. Not today however. I it is raining outside and the temperature is bordering the 0 so I refuse to look out in case something more solid begins to fall.

    I'm going to cozy up with a blanket and book.

    And dream of magnolia blossoms...

  4. How precious! I just love baby feet and tiny shoes!

    My pedometer is still hiding in a box somewhere. I seem to be doing more climbing and stretching and lifting than walking lately, but I'll soon get back in the swing of things. I'll soon have to find an indoor place to walk, though...the bugs and the humidity and the heat are upon us.

  5. Sounds like we're all slacking off, Lovella! My pedometer was on vacation this week...but next week I will walk like there's no tomorrow.

    Now I'm off to mow the lawns...and do some gardening...and enjoy that glorious sunshine!

  6. Little flip flops so cute!
    I just can't wear flip flops, I hate that feeling between my toes!
    I have no walking stats, I keep saying I'll get back to I'm one of the slackers. Maybe I can show much improvement for the coming week.

  7. So sweet are little feet in flip flops !
    We're out to enjoy an excursion with our kids..It is such a beautiful day !
    I was going to buy some bedding plants today but when I spoke with our local garden expert he said that we are three weeks behind this year and he won't be getting my bedding plants in for another couple of weeks !!

    Have a wonderful week-end, Lovella !!

  8. the baby feet and sandals are precious!!! :)

  9. My totals were a bit dismal, too. just over 7,000. But there's NEXT WEEK!

  10. Oh I love that picture!

    I walked two days last week. It's perfectly obvious to me that I've become a sedentary lump because I ache like crazy. I'll push through, though, I will.

  11. My walking week started out great but ended up at my average 8000 or so steps...8814 to be exact this week.

    And today I haven't put on the pedometer at all for the first time in weeks...(I wear it every day usually) could be seen through my white top. Oh well....back on track tomorrow!

    It's blazing hot here today...90 F in the shade at noon. Too hot for walking.

  12. what CUTE little feet :D
    I enjoyed browsing here.

  13. Lovella! You have such tiny feet (lol!)

    Happy spring day and walk in the Sonshine!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  14. Lovella,
    I couldn't help but notice we have similar tastes in music. I probably would be lost without my music. I'm enjoying reading your blog. Hope you'll visit mine sometime soon.
    Have a great week!


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