seeing clearly

My little flowers edging the pond are opening up. Always delicate, always beautiful, I find such joy in the small things in life that are dependable.

This weekend, was pond cleaning time.
I looked to see what a person is called who cares for ponds because of course I would want to give proper accredidation to my beloved for yet another hat that he wears. A person who cares for ponds is a pondkeeper. Go figure. I was hoping for something .. . . ologist.

My brother Gerry was visiting with his dog Max. If a person is going to have to do a dirty job such as clean out the pond, well at least he may as well have an audience to cheer him on.
They did this well.

Over the winter the pond accumulates some good muck at the bottom and the fish can't be seen to put in their blue barrel for the duration for the cleaning.
In a few more years, I can easily see the lil' farmhand and little miss n helping to scoop, but this year the job was done by my pondkeeper.

Every bucket that was bailed was emptied and then the ground was checked for flailing fish.

The smart ones allowed themselves to be transferred to the holding tank while their pond was cleaned and refreshed with a new pump. The smart ones maybe didn't purposely trust the pondkeeper but went with the flow anyway. . . (pun intended).

Is is just me or is there a lesson here?
Oh Lord, I pray that I have ears to listen and eyes to see the wisdom that I need.
I don't want to be a dense fish, so certain that I see things clearly when in fact I'm looking through mud.

My beloved heard a speaker recently say something to the effect of .. .

Don't be upset when people who care for you give advice when you need it. . .
Rather be alarmed when people don't care about you enough to give you advice.

We thought there was a lot of wisdom in that statement.

If you can figure out how I got from the beginning of the post to the end .. .
give yourself a woo hoo and have a great day.

(snickering now)


  1. You have a wonderful day seeing clearly too, Lovella :) Aren't we blessed when God clears out the muck for us...

  2. Oh I love that analogy. I'm sure that it doesn't feel too pleasant to get transferred, but so necessary. Course, the Pondkeeper looks pretty trustworthy to me. ;D

    Say, do you want to join the party? The more the merrier! All the information is at Gracious Hospitality and you can start from this week. You have all week to participate, too. No set days!

  3. What a great analogy!

    I'm slowly beginning to see things more clearly around here...those dreadful boxes are vanishing! whoo hoo!

  4. your yard is looking beautiful - your beloved is doing a wonderful job! isn't it wonderful how the Lord is able to fish us out when all we see is muck and mire?

  5. Pondologist it is!!! It will make him feel so important when you refer to him as that. Ah yes... as for advise my friend, any time I need alittle I will welcome it from you. True friends should be humble enough to accept it and on the other side, give it in love and humility. I will keep that qoute tucked away, it's good! Kathy

  6. So were the fish happy with their new, clean environment...or did they long for the muck they ince had? Maybe that's a lesson for another day.

    Your pondologist seems to have the method down pat!

  7. Ohh.. I LOVE your statement.. There is a lot of wisdom in it.

    Your pond analogy reminded me of I Cor. 13:12 "For now we see through a glass darkly .. but then face to face!" One day our Divine Pondkeeper will clear away the muck of this old earth and we will live in the glorious new earth where everything will be clear!!!

  8. OH man. The look on Terry's face in that picture is worth a 1000 words. What an expression! AHAHAHAHAAA.

  9. Hey There,
    Those fish have gotten huge!!! I remember when they were small and Ryan sat on the rocks by the pond. I love that picture. Being that I'm family, maybe you could send me a few shots of the little Miss N and the Farmhands little chicky photo session. Love to see em!! Have a great day!

  10. I think I got it, Lovella! There are some days I have to be lifted out of the muck more than once!!!

  11. are the clever one! Pulling us in with what we thought was a nice little post about the fishies and the pond and then making us "see" something in the process! Oh, what a wonderful lesson to be learned by such a thoughtful teacher! : ) My thanks to you, dear one!


  12. Hi Lovella

    I saw your comment today on "My Messy, Thrilling Life" & when I read that you live on a farm in Canada, I just had to visit your blog to see what your life is like because I, too, live on a farm - but in a remote part of East Africa (foothills of Kilimanjaro) -so it's very different to your part of the world !

    Your blog is lovely and I will definitely be back to find out more about Canadian farm life !

    Bye for now

  13. I am enjoying the 'lessons of life' you share as you go along in your daily life..thanks, Lovella!

  14. Hello Lovella,
    I dropped in here via Vee's! Your pond looks charming. And oh the pajama thing...I have seen teenagers doing that at school! (Washington State) ,but not a grown woman. We are definitely too relaxed out west :]

    I have a question for you if you don't mind. How did you do the side bar thing with the feed to all your favorite blogs?

    I read what you said on Vee's blog and that really got my attention. If it is too complicated don’t worry. I just was very intrigued.


  15. I am reminded by your comments of Isobel Kuhn's autobiograhy. She told the story of how she was angry about a negative comment made by a 'friend'. Another friend commented that rather than being angry, it would be better to focus on the fact that if people could see our hearts and inmost thoughts, their comments could easily be much worse. I have needed that reminder so much this week!

  16. Just happened onto your blog. I'm really enjoying it. I love this analogy. I'm praying God will always pull me out of the mucky pond and keep me from from going back.


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