oh boy

Terribly sorry for the fright yesterday.
At least if I would have done that on April 1 I could have claimed . . .
Nope, it was sheer ignorance that had me in a vocabulary debacle.
When I was growing up my mom always said to the
grandbabies .. . ta ta . . .for thank you.
She was a lovely Mennonite woman .. I never discovered the different meaning.
OH . .. and about this weeks walking club.
Yeah . .. .
problems there too.
You see, I've been distracted by the smallest little detail this week.
You saw him. . .blame him if you care to.
I savoured and soaked up the moment.
So, this is the deal .. .
starting next week, we're kicking it up a notch.
I'm adding a new element to my get fit at the farm routine.
Monday morning .. . .
How about you . .. what was your bloggy walking stat this week?
Have a wonderful day my friends


  1. I like your version for the meaning of ta ta!!
    Walking? I have no stats to report..I too need to rev it up next week!
    Baking a cherry platz for my sister's surprise b'day party today..

  2. Sorry to say that since this relocation began, I haven't seen my pedometer. Yes, I feel guilty when I think about it, but I've been too busy to think about it much. I'll get back on track soon!

  3. Hahahaha...I'd not heard of one of those meanings for "ta ta."

    We say "ta ta" here for "goodbye." It's a little breezy "goodbye" that substitutes for a "see you later."

    You're scaring me again today with that business about cranking the exercising up a notch. Yikes!

  4. AFter developing some nasty hip pain from my terrible bike seat I had to back off the bike a bit. But, I have a new seat, which doesn't casue pain (!!!) and now I'm at 10 minutes again with stretches. As the weather warms up, I need to add walking.

  5. Hi Lovella, you've got me wondering what that notch is you're kicking up!

    Let's see, for week 12 (amazing isn't it that we've been at this more or less for three months) my daily average was 9214 steps/day. I had to make myself get out there and do some longer walks but it was fine once I got going.

    "ta ta" for your continuing inspiration and pep talks to all of us!


  6. Please do share what 'kicking it up a notch' means. I haven't even got to the purchase of a pedometer yet although I have resolved to start the 'lunch hour' gait around the office buildings and park. Let's see how that goes.

    I too, like Betty r, am making a platz...and the fruit roll she so kindly gave you the recipe for. Considering that we are only 'three' in our little family...I think that either that yummy food will find it's way to my hips or I shall have to bring it in to work like the paska....I like the last alternative. Have a great Saturday...glad you clarified ta ta.

  7. Walking is nice and all, but it's about time you slackers added belly dancing and zumba to the mix.
    There's a whole lotta shaking going on in my world!

  8. What an absolutely wonderful distraction to have!!
    My walking numbers were good and I've posted. The big hikes we take really help the numbers...

  9. Ta Ta for now is very British for Bye - see you later !!!
    Keep up the good work
    I do enjoy

  10. I'm laughing, Lovella ! Ta ta of course has never meant anything to me either except 'thank you!' but I'm secretly wondering if you did your post title on purpose-- smile-- look at the sweet comments you got!! just kidding- I know it was not intentional to deceive !!

    And even though I am just a spectator , I AM curious as to what 'up a notch' means ! smile

  11. Hi Lovella,

    I'm a new visitor here. You have posted a lot of very pretty floral photos, very cheery. And the pics of the baby....too precious. They are only little for so short a time..I know its a cliche to say so, but how true it is. Is there any happier sound that baby's laughter? Not on this earth..

    So nice to see all the bright yellows and oranges in your pictures. Spring has not quite sprung where I am, but soon...soon.

    I'll be back to visit this attractive blog with its inspiring words.

  12. My mother and MIL said the same thing and so did I - but it was more to have the baby hand something over - sort of like thank you and give it to me at the same time - it was usually something the baby picked up off the floor or out of the dog's mouth :)

    I had forgotten.

    And I have gotten used to "ta ta for now" or ttfn - which means I'm going.

    Glad you're not!!

    My walking stats were abysmal this week - but the sun is shining and that is always inspirational for exercise.

    I'll be interested to see what you have to say about your new exercise plan . . . as soon as you westerners get up out of bed :)

  13. Lovella, You left the following comment in one of my blogs...

    "HI I popped over after reading your comments on Vee's blog. I thought you were incredibly brilliant in your thinking and just had to come tell you so.
    I'm off to check on Cherry."

    I do the same thing! When I read a comment I love, I like to go tell the writer. :-)

    I don't know how I was incredibly brilliant, but you were very sweet to say so. I think it was something about "How we blog" and "Putting Blog Roll on our Side Bar," though. I'm glad my words resonated with you. :-)

    And thank you so much for taking the time to come and tell me so.



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