luncheon prep

This is for those of you who are concerned I had to haul stored sheets out of the closet on Saturday. The sheets were untangled and rescued with just a hint of aluminum scuffs.
Oddly, the the scuffs ended up on his side of the bed. (smirk)
This morning right after the last cup of coffee was enjoyed,
I ran out to the rhubarb patch to have a look.
I once again thinned it out.

I have a rhubarb sauce simmering in the oven.

He said .. . "what are you doing today?"
I said .. . "I am having my spring luncheon."
He said. . ."well I should buzz over the lawn quickly before I start chores"

(OH I love that man)

Inside . .. the table is set.

The custards are in the oven .. .

Perhaps if the ladies aren't terribly shy, tomorrow I'll post their smiling faces ..
and maybe if it turn out .. .
the recipe for the Asparagus, Leek and Red Potato Soup.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Oh I so want to dip my soup spoon in a bowl of that soup right now! Fun times...

  2. Lucky ladies..enjoy your luncheon!
    Hopefully there will be pics.
    I'm off to make lunch..

  3. Ohhh...a spring luncheon! I'd love to go to a spring luncheon at your house; and I imagine the scent of freshly mowed grass will be a perfect fragrance to greet your guest as they arrive.
    (hopefully in spring hats...I can dream, can't I?)

  4. That sounds like fun!!
    I'm sure there would be many of from blogland that would enjoy that kind of luncheon...
    I think I have to go and cut lawns today.

  5. A Spring Luncheon sounds so lovely! I hope you had a wonderful time! Will that rhubarb sauce be going over the custards? Yum! The soup sounds wonderful!

  6. sounds like a wonderful way to enjoy your friends and spring. can't wait for the pics and the recipes.

  7. it all looks like it will be a lovely time :)

  8. How sweet your DH is for taking care of you like he does (of course, I know you take good care of him, too!).

    Your table looks beautiful and your menu sounds yummy! I'm sure your luncheon will be just perfect!

    (Yes, can dream!)

  9. Lovella, your blog really looks like something straight out of a home cooking/gardening magazine! The pictures of your well-manicured yard, the scrumptious food, and lovely table settings are warm, inviting and inspiring! Love it.

  10. Looks lovely...hope your luncheon was amazing! And what a guy you have!

  11. Looks so lovely...hope that all you ladies had a very pleasant time.

    I fertilized the rhubarb today. It may be my imagination, but I think it's grown two centimeters since.

    That lawn looks perfect! Your dh must take great pride in it not to mention great care of it.

    Glad that the sheets escaped tears.


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