hot tub party at the farm

We had a hot tub . . .back in 93. I scanned this slide and it's a tad dark and maybe that's okay. The important details are all visible. You can see the profile of my hair ..

Remember stack perms? (click on the link to see what that was)

No really .. .do you?

Tell the truth.

Well I had a good one, not nearly as impressive as Terry's aunt. I always envied her hair. She had the best stack perm of anyone I knew. My hair always wanted to relax and I was forever tossing my head upside down to improve the volume effect.

Another important detail is my father in law in the hot tub with me.

He was such an amazing father in law and grandpa.

I'll miss him as long as I live.

Last but not least, is the hot tub itself.

I just love sitting in a hot tub.

When we moved to the farm, I insisted that our hot tub come with us.

We hauled that thing over and it served us well for a few years.

Then the pump gave up and well, that was the end of that.

Now, far be it from us to steal . ..

but ..

our dear friends went on a mini vacation . ..

and they come home today . ..

look out your window . . .

dear friends.

It's those two. . . (my beloved and his friend .. .Todd) I'm sure you recognize the accomplice.

They hauled it home .. .
(they claim that hardly a leaf moved as they lugged it up the bank . ..
with not a speck of motorized machinery . .. that's my man)

I had nothing to do with it .. .

I just took care of the baby (wouldn't want him to witness the hauling off with the hot tub).
It is now. . .safely (locked) in the shop. .
it's had a bath .. and is awaiting further instructions .. .
on it's final resting place.

Good times. Once when we came home from holiday. . .

there was hundreds of little Canadian flags poked in our lawn ..

because they knew how badly I had a hankering for a Canadian flag in my lawn.

They said they wanted to get rid of that hot tub . . .

we came and got it.

So, BYOB (bathing suit)

I'll let you know when the water is hot. . .

woo hoo.

Have a wonderful day .. .I'm going shopping.

DWH . . . .(double woo hoo)

(pedometer is on . .. smirk)


  1. Ha! I think that might be just what the doctor ordered! Enjoy...
    Oh I almost forgot, I don't think I ever heard of a stack perm. All the things we can learn about in bloggy world!! :)

  2. Oh, what fun! I'm not much on hot tubs (here in Florida, just jump into any pool in the summertime - it'll be hot!), but I'm sure you'll enjoy that one.

    Stack perms? I've never heard of those. No reason to, I guess, since I've spent my entire life trying to straighten these unruly curls of mine (and the Florida heat and humidity just makes it curlier and frizzier)!

    I'm going to put up a photo later today or tomorrow for you of a small dilemma I'm having in my tiny kitchen. I'm looking for suggestions... ;)

  3. So you'll be walking around in the hot tub? LOL!

    Do I remember stack perms? You betcha I do and even worse, I want another one. I do. I keep saying can't you do this (showing a photo of my old haircut to my hairdresser)? She invariably talks me out of it. Shoot!

  4. oh how i love hot tubs........sometimes they can't get me out........especially in winnipeg winter weather and our friends invite us for a hot tub and there are icicles from our hair, brrrrr
    now it is warmer and i look forward to another invite.

  5. Oooohhhh I love hot tubs too -- and I don't remember stack perms...I think I may be a tad too young.

    Have a wonderful day shopping!

  6. I didn't know it was called a stack perm, but I'm sure that could have been me in that photo.
    Yup, the bigger the better! What were we thinking?

  7. How exciting! I like your new pictures too!

  8. I don't remember stack perms but maybe that is because I grew up on a farm away from 'city' influence.
    At first I thought you had a towel wrapped around your head..oops!
    Enjoy your hot tub, Lovella!

  9. I don't remember the term 'stack perm' but I did have quite a few spiral perms, home Tonies and the poofy bangs. I wish we had a hot tub too. Maybe one day. Have fun shopping. I've been in the shopping mood too and I don't mean groceries.

  10. I didn't have a stack perm in 1993 but a spiral perm. Is that the same thing? Volume was the goal...the bigger the better. I do LOVE my flat iron!
    We got a hot tub last year and love it!

  11. Oh boy! A new hot tub and also a new blog template....woo hoo!

    I do remember stack perms but I didn't know that's what they were called, as I was wearing my hair straight and long in those days. I was afraid of perms, after once having one in the early 70's when what I wanted was soft curls but what I got was Bozo the Clown! I've got the pictures to prove it - yikes!

  12. You will think you are on an endless vacation! It may be spring, but anything to warm us up these days is welcome...and a hotub beats sweaters and slippers anytime. Enjoy!

  13. I'm glad the boys had an audience for their hot tub adventure ... thanks for being a wonderful auntie and looking after the little guy! I'm gonna have to check out that 'stacked perm' look... hmmm. I think the picture in my head is probably different than it really is.

  14. I'm smiling, Lovella !
    I know you'll enjoy your hot tub.. just close your eyes anytime of the year and you can imagine you're in a resort somewhere in the warmer parts of the globe !!

    Stack perms ? I really don't know how.. but I missed that whole fad somehow ! don't know where I was!

  15. I had one perm - why would I ever get a perm when I already had curly hair?? I had some strange idea that having a perm would "tame" the natural curl - wrong - I looked like I stuck my finger in a socket.

    That's a lovely looking tub - enjoy!

  16. I TOTALLY remember stack perms & how amazing I thought I looked. I'm with Anneliese - what were we thinking?
    Of course, I now think the same thing about alot of things we did (and wore)in the past. Guess that comes with getting older.
    Enjoy the hot tub - I miss having one, especially on cold winter nights. And cold spring nights :)

  17. Well, if you can't live in the tropics, you can always imagine. I am sure your latest addition will help. I just need to see some drinks with pineapple wedges, or little umbrellas. Enjoy!!

  18. Sounds like you're up to fun for the coming season.
    I've always wanted one, but they told us we had to clean it every day.
    That's too much like work for me.
    I'm sure they have new technology today.
    Enjoy and yes do we remember those perms.

  19. wow, I didnt have you pegged as a hot tub stealer!!! Thats a new one! How fun.
    Thank you for the birthday wishes, and my new lense is a Nikkor lens, with vibration reduction, and its zoom is 55-200mm!

  20. Oh boy! Two oldie with wrinkles wrinking away in the hot tub. Thank goodness our vision fades as we age or we would never splash into a hot tub again. Turn up those jets to "high" please!
    We've enjoyed our hot tub attached to a swimming pool in Dallas. It was glorious to enjoy during snowfall or unheated in summer.

    Now I prefer my double jacuzzi tub surrounded by windows over looking the garden. A dip in the tub with B. before bed is delightful...and three would be a crowd anyway!


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