hoist the flag

oh oh .. . .
I put my sheets out to dry this morning. . .
Knowing that we were having brick NE winds and near freezing temperatures,
I was busy patting myself on the back at my contribution to saving the earth.

I hung the sheets out and was beginning to roll out the line when .. .
it took off. . . on its own . ..
I pulled back but the thing kept going ..
and now. . .
I can't get it back .. .
I've a laundry line situation.
I can just imagine my farmer coming out of the barn to the house for lunch .. .
saying. . ."looks like you have a bit of a problem"
I'll say .. . "help me"
I think I'll go cook up something yummy for lunch ..
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Well it was a good thought to get that laundry out..hope all gets straightened out..leave it up to the farmer! A good lunch will forgive all..I am baking Charlotte's Maple Twists...2 of them actually. I am sharing..

  2. Please have your handy farmer husband come and put up one of those nifty clotheslines for me! They are so hand and we don't have them down here in this land. Such wonderful memories of helping auntie hang laundry. . .sending it off across the yard with a pully!

    Enjoy a beautiful day! It's sunny here, but very breezy! My new bedding plants are all lined safely along a wall in my dining room. Too much danger of frost yet --- it's supposed to snow! Yikes!


  3. The north easterly winds are howling hear and I put on my winter clothes once again....
    I can see your dilemma on the line.
    Isn't is great that those men know how to solve some of our problems?

  4. How nice to have a personal farmer on hand just waiting to help his damsel in distress !!

    Have a wonderful week-end.. and do try to stay warm!! (I tend to FEEL that global warming is happening elsewhere)

  5. sorry to hear of your blistery weather.......we on the other hand are having a glorious day.....bettyr what are you doing baking on such a nice day......for me perhaps...smile.

  6. oops! But I have to say there's something great about seeing those white linens blowing in the wind...

  7. betty r and charlotte you girls just crack me up. I'm quite enjoying your conversation to one another via my blog. . keep it up.

  8. Nothing smells better than laundry that's dried on the line!
    I do hope you got everything fixed so your laundry isn't still flapping in the breeze!! LOL


  9. Hi
    You don't know me, but today, I googled to find a lemon poppyseed cheesecake recipe, and, I got yours. It sounded so good that I made it for my daughter-in-laws birthday celebration tonight. It was a big hit and very tasty. I am very blessed by your blog, being of Mennonite origin, living in southern Mb and being a lover of cooking!
    Thank you and blessings

  10. LOL! Lovella, you crack me up!

    I see that you've been fiddlin' with the banner again. I think I should do some fiddlin' today, too.

  11. All sails to the wind! I can just hear those sheets aflappin' and asnappin' in the wind.

  12. You know, if you use a drier, mockingbirds get a nesting material. If you use a line, you don't want mockingbirds anywhere nearby, for obvious reasons...and please oh please don't let the eagles "drop" by!

    Eh, it is all a trade off what really is best for ecology. Glad you got fresh smelling sheets and a good laugh out of the mishap.

  13. And then there are those of us who use our dryer..... Hee hee. Such strange weather these days. Can't wrap my head around it!

    Hope your lunch was as wonderful as anticipated.


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