going to town?

Tell me the truth . ..
have you seen this lady?
I'm feeling a tad curious .. ..
It seems that I live in a very relaxed neck of the woods.
Most days. . .
I see pajama bottoms chosen for the pant of choice.
I understand that they are as comfy as nightwear. .
I've been known to lounge in them myself.
I haven't yet worn them to town. . have you?
Is this just a Western Canadian thing or do you see this too?
Last evening I ran into the grocery store for a few items for our overnight guests and sure enough there was a gal in her pajama bottoms. .
picking up milk.
Crazy. .. I say.
How about you?
.. .like I said. . .the posts will be short and sweet.
Have a great day my friends.


  1. I did shuffle around the neighborhood in my flannel bottoms when my back was out and I couldn't get my jeans on. But...
    When I'm going to the store etc. I wouldn't wear my jammies...

  2. Nope I wouldn't wear my pj bottoms out of the house but I know what you're talking about..I too see girls/women dressed like that out shopping..
    Freezing rain here..a nice day to work in the house, maybe bake..

  3. Nope.
    Not me.
    Wouldn't do it.
    Nobody wants to see it.

    I have seen others out and about in their jammies. I live in a small town and I see other things as well...but that's another story.

  4. I can't even stay in my PJs all day AT home, let alone leave the house in them.
    Once I am out of bed I must get dressed. That's just me :)

  5. That is one of my sister's pet peeves! And she lives in Vegas and see's all kinds of crazy things! LOL
    We see it here and as long as they're covered, who cares! I couldn't do it though. I think it's a look for the much younger crowd! LOL

  6. Hasn't the word reached the northern climes?

    If some one is so unable to dress appropriately due to some emotional crisis, one should go off and pout in one's own bedroom, in a lovely peignoir accented with a pearl necklace that dips below one's waist.

    If one is feeling poorly yet must be about, sweats or jogging suits are reasonable attire.

    Just so you know.
    (And you can see the pages of the book that backs me up on this on my post yesterday.)

  7. I'm not a fan of the pajama bottoms in public either. Maybe those people wear their jeans to bed.

  8. I'm not a fan of the pajama bottoms in public either. Maybe those people wear their jeans to bed.

  9. i definitely wear my pj bottoms around the house a lot, but never out! i'm not that brave, or whatever you call it :)

  10. My worst nightmares growing up revolved around me in public and suddenly realizing I was still in my pj bottoms. I can still feel the immense relief I felt upon awakening that it had only been a dream.
    I know I could not MAKE myself go out in public in my nightwear... I'm embarressed enough to be caught by someone ringing my doorbell.

  11. I think it's a west coast thing, Lovella. PJ's and fluffy slippers --- to Walmart for shopping. It drives me nuts! People don't wear them to the mall --- but to Walmart, yes! If and when you decide to wear your jammies shopping, let me know and I'll come to scold you! LOL!

    :) LaTeaDah (who doesn't wear her jammies to town!)

  12. Traditional passing on of wisdom.... something that was passed from generation to generation ..grandmother...mother..daughter...granddaughter...Make sure you are dressed properly...(meaning clean unmentionables)...should you have an accident....Nowhere along the line would these generational ladies ever be caught in PJs..:)
    What a fun post...

  13. Don't like it one bit. We wear such comfy clothes, can't you just throw on a pair of yoga pants? At least it looks like you have put a bit of thought into what you look like.

    I like looking nice for myself...if not for everyone that has to looks at me ;)

  14. Amazing, isn't it? I guess pajama bottoms are still a better choice than those pants that expose the undergarments...or worse! It's not anything I'd ever deliberately wear in public!

    I'm so afraid of going out and being inappropriately dressed that I check every mirror between the closet and the front door, and then I still glance down at my clothes once I'm outside. I know, it's such a bad habit!

  15. As far out in public as I get in my jammies is checking the mail at my front door. This involves merely half of my body for a brief moment.

    I've had women come in jammie bottoms to the women's group I lead. We are informal;) We discussed this trend and one mom had learned that boys see girls who wear jammies to school as "easy". That got all the mom's attention. Note to selves - daughters will be dressed before heading to school.

    You have cute jammies - still I would be mighy surprised to see you at Safeway in them!

  16. Nope...it's an all over the country thing. But...it doesn't make it right! I think it is a much younger crowd also. Slippers are also part of the ensemble round here. Now, around the house, that's a horse of a different color. If I've had a rough day, the 1st thing I do is take off my bra and slip some comfy pajama's on.

  17. I don't wear mine in public (unless going out to get the paper in the morning counts...) but, oh yes, I've seen them here too at the supermarket and elsewhere, a complete PJ ensemble, including slippers!

    That's taking comfort a little too far I'd say...

  18. Our elementary school had "Pajama Day" and of course that was the day I chose to go to the coffee shop and grab a cuppa to take with me to school. I certainly felt 'underdressed'. I wanted to tell all the other customers, "It's Pajama Day at school! I'm not really a slacker in my PJs!"

    We live in a university town, but surprisingly we don't see the PJs. Campus is a bit out of town and it takes more effort to get in the car and drive. The Professor says he doesn't get kids coming to class in PJs, either.

    When we lived in inner city Los Angeles--well that was a different story!

  19. nope. Can't say I've ever done that and can be pretty sure I won't ever. I'm with Rachel, I have a hard enough time staying in them at any length at home!

  20. Nope never gone to town in my pjs before.

  21. I am just running over to my sisters to colour her hair... i will be in my pj's :)


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