the flower show

Friday I did something I had never done before .. .
Initially I thought I would simply drive the country roads in search of beautiful fields of daffodils.
I envisioned stopping on the side of the road, hopping over ditches, crawling under fences .. .
you know, we've all done that.
I drove leisurely through the country roads, pulling over to let the vehicles that had a purpose to their day pass by.

In time, I came upon signs directing me to the small community flower show.

Parked outside the community hall was a variety of retirement living small buses.
There were some retired community folks helping with the parking.
The sign said .. .
Entrance .. still only $2.00.

I had my debit card, my credit card .. .but no cash.

I had left my vehicle at home and had taken my beloved's truck.
I stopped and started to rummage through his console ...
counting up quarters, dimes and nickles.
I made the $2.00 with a few dimes to spare.

I paid my fee at the door ..
chit chatted with the local ladies eager to welcome me . .
and entered the hall that was fragrant with "real fragrance".

All around me were retired couples taking their time strolling about.
There were many small groups of ladies admiring the hundreds of varieties of daffodils.
There was a group of school children politely filing in towards the stage to participate as a hand bell choir.

At the far end of the hall, a tea room was buzzing with activity.
Clearly several of the groups from the retirement homes had claimed some of the seats and were enjoying their tea.

I felt like a bit of an odd duck.
This seemed curious to me.
I wondered then, when the last time I had been to a proper flower show.

As best as I can recollect .. .
it was likely years ago at the local fair . . .
but I'm not certain that truly counts.

The flower show from years ago was more a side building holding the summer dahlias and gladiolas.
I was certainly not alone .. .
taking my time . .
watching ..

I do know this though . .
next year . .
I'll go again.
Camera and me . .
(I'm thinking of giving her a name)

Next year when I go, I'll be certain to take along a bit more change.
I'm certain there were scones ..
and devonshire cream. .
and perhaps even some lemon curd.
I came home quite happy with myself.
I went straight away to the barn ..
and said. .
"guess where I was?"
he said. .
"tell me"
"a flower show".. .I said (not unlike a small child)
"really .. . by yourself ?" he said
"it was wonderful" I said

Today you must run over to see Jill, she is celebrating again.
I say again with a smile, realizing that as a blogger,
our friendship has spanned more than
a "small" season of time.
Jill is my friend ..
Happy Birthday Jill.

Yesterday as we were planning our week .. .
he let it slip that there may be an out of town flower show in our plans. .
Well, I'm off for a walk ..
oh goodness, I resolve again afresh to become a fit girl .. .
I can do this. . .
"pedometer .. .shall we go ?"
Have a wonderful week my friends.


  1. Beautiful flowers and a nice outing, sometimes it's nice just to do something by yourself, right?Just remember enough cash next time to buy a coffee and dessert...I don't know when I last went to a flower show, looks like I may be missing something..Hey the day is half gone and where is my pedometer??

  2. Those daffodils are amazing! What variety! I would really have enjoyed a flower show like that! i would have been dissappointed not to have anything from the tearoom! You'll have to take more pictures if you go to another one!

  3. Sounds like a fun time, just you and camera. Maybe I can come with you next year. Have a good week.

  4. I love best the joys that come unbidden !! Surprises like gifts!
    And what better than a flower show to convince us that spring is truly here!

    Don't worry about feeling out of place with all the 'seniors'. A little time passed by very quickly will soon make you feel right at home! smile

    Hmm.. a name for your camera??
    how about Clikella ? smile

  5. How perfectly wonderful is that?! I am so glad that you found enough change to gain entrance and that you didn't talk yourself out of it as I might've been guilty of doing.

    Now you have me wondering what you might name your camera. Oh, you may have been looking for cows, but I've been on the lookout for chickens!

  6. Isn't it amazing to sometimes do things all alone? In my mind I was thinking, ( would need a friend)
    Good on You. We need to sometimes just get out there and see what others are doing and enjoying.
    Sound like farm trucks are similar..always loose change.

  7. the flowers look delightful!! i always see the signs for the flower show, perhaps i'll check it out next year! Nice running into you yesterday! :)

  8. Aww...thanks Lovella. I have a tear in my eye as I write this. I was totally not expecting your greeting to me in this post. Flower shows are always a delight to me, and I've gone to a lot of them all by my lonesome.

    What a treat to unexpectedly go to one with my friend up north on my birthday via blogdom! And daffodils are one of my most favorite kind of flower. Isn't it astonishing that they come in so many varieties?

  9. Isn't it fun to go exploring with just your camera to see what you can find? I have found I'm much braver than I used to be, when I have my camera with me....I used to hate going places by myself. Now I love it, wandering about at my own pace....

    All those daffodils are amazing, and I can just imagine how wonderful the fragrance was in that flower show! I'm excited to see where you might go this week!

  10. What fun! I love those little solo impromptu trips...they are usually such a blessing!

  11. I wish I had gone...I love to get a head start on the hanging baskets...although with the menopausal weather it might be a bit dicey....glad you got to enjoy the beauty of creation.

  12. I am amazed at so many different kinds of daffodils!

    What a nice adventure! The only thing I did by myself today was run into the garden center to purchase a can of paint stripper.

  13. Oh Lovella,
    The daffodils are beautiful! I had no idea there were so many varieties. And the pure white. WOW! and the ones that look like ruffled lace. Have a great week!
    Debbie M

  14. A number of years ago Lance and I visited the same flower show (still only two dollars). If you felt out of place you can imagine how two thrift store dressed twenty-something college students felt.

    I just loved it. I had never been to a flower show and was stunned to see the tremendous variety in daffodils. We didn't purchase anything from the tea room but scrounged enough change to purchase two bunches of flowers. They were so perfect and intricate and unique. I savored them and dug out my watercolours to do some painting.

    Still waiting for spring out here. Longing for flowers and imagining when the yard will be filled with life. Did find some Daylily shoots peeking their heads through the dirt today. Hooray!

    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.


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