finding our rythm

This morning my finishing carpenter and I were called out to the lil' farmhand's house to participate in some good old fashioned work bee activities.
At nearly four months old he is becoming increasingly more aware of
of all that happens around him.
When I see the determination on his little face to make every bounce better than the one before .. . my heart melts with love for this little guy.
After a bit, he tired and took the nap option and I decided to see the neighborhood.
We really want a fence like this. . .maybe this year it will happen.

This Camellia believes in spring.

This man made pond built to preserve the ecology is starting to look "for real".

I imagined this to be a ski jump. . .
or a water slide.

As I rounded the block and came around the house. . . .
there they were . ..

delighting in one another.
Mommy and son . ..
sharing some private joke.

In the meantime .. .
my finishing carpenter and his protege, were busy in the basement.

It's nearly done.

After a scrumptious lunch of grilled chicken and taco salad . .
and smoothies for dessert. . ..
we moseyed back to the farm.
The day is perfect, coffee out on the porch,
my gardener is in the flower beds . . .
I feel like I nearly have my rhythm back.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Oh so sweet! they grow sooo fast...

  2. What a sweet way to get back in sync. Lil Farm Hand is going to be ready to bale hay by summer if he keeps this up! Glad you are feeling better.

  3. Good! Every day you'll be back into the swing of things.

    Your little grand is just adorable; is it possible that he's this big already? Wasn't he just born a coupla weeks ago? ;>

    Yes, Paska...ahhhh, the mere thought...I hope it fades or I'll be baking again this weekend. Yes. I actually bought lemons and oranges today. Why?

  4. oh, lovella! that picture of your grandson with his mama is so precious, it brought tears to my eyes. thanks so much for sharing it!

  5. The picture of your grandbabe and B is an absolutely delight...thank you for sharing! Elma

  6. How lovely! What a great way to spend part of your day. The fun being had between Mommy and son is precious. We so need to capture those moments! So glad you enjoyed your day building memories. I wonder if you rolled a marble down that hill just how far it would go? Just behind that 'little hill' in the distance is where we live. Sometimes I look out my window and wonder if you are enjoying Grammie time up there on the big hill. In the summer I walk the little hill. Next time I will look hard to see if I can see you...or maybe we will just meet at the bottom of one of the hills for coffee with wee ones in tow. How fun would that be!!!! Kathy

  7. I agree the photo of mother and son is a keeper !! It needs to be blown up and framed !

    Your contentment drips off your words ....and it is contageous !! smile

  8. I'll join the chorus: that photo of mother and child is worthy of framing - it says so much and brings tears to my eyes!

    Your photos, as usual, are great, and it sounds as if things are falling into place for you. Enjoy!

  9. That is such a wonderful photo of mom and little son!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful day...don't miss Maui so much now do ya!??!

    Little hearts and smiles will do that to ya!

  11. What a perfect day!!There's nothing more than living life at it's best.
    Your lil farm hand is so cute.
    We could share pictures.
    YOu took some beautiful shots of your grandson/mother. I love that haze effect.
    I can see my house at the bottom of the hill stretched way out.....

  12. what a handsome little guy. i'm glad you could share part of your day with him.

  13. Enjoyed all your photos, Lovella. I esp liked the one of mother and son..seems to be a favorite.
    I'm glad you're getting over the doldrums but time spent with that little cutie should do it!
    I read a book this week that has your name in it, Lovella..imagine that!!

  14. Love the one of bea and her boy. There's nothin' quite like the love for a son, hey?!

  15. I agree, I love the picture of pure joy of the mom and her baby boy. Thank you for sharing. I also can't agree more with Julie that your contentment is contagious. I so appreciate your blog. Thank you for writing --Amber

  16. You really do know how to capture a moment. Beautiful pics. My Mom has always wanted that same fence. It's very nice.

  17. Sweet baby...
    love the fence, though I can see my 6 climbing on it and jumping, perhaps we will have to stick with a rock wall for now. Good old rocks.

    Hope you get your fence and glad you are feeling better!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


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