april snow showers

This morning my concrete finisher and I were having our morning coffee, farm fresh poached eggs on sprouted grain bread as we were watching the snow.
We were not amused.
I was planning on going in to town this morning to pick up some prints that I had ordered but now I'll wait until this unseasonal flurry passes.
The winter wheels have already been removed and my chrome wheels and salt/sand don't get long well.

Oh yes, about yesterday. My concrete finisher and I went to the kids arriving a few minutes past the beginning of the work day. We were to arrive at eight sharp, moments ahead of the concrete truck but we arrived to see the truck in place and our little farmhand with eyes wide open watching from the porch.

Last year we were invited to help with landscaping .. you might remember.
This year a set of stairs is needed from the back yard to the street.

Nearly done, the concrete finisher kept inviting the little helper to jump.
Grammie was not amused by this. . . it gave me the eebie jeebies .. .

So, now after learning the sound a truck makes and practicing it every waking moment of his day .. . he knows what a big truck can haul.
Even when coaxed to turn to face me .. .he could not tear his eyes away from the big truck and the action in the back yard.
He cared not that he was still being kept warm in his baby blanket.
In his mind he was a big boy only being kept from helping by his mommy's safe arms.
Have a wonderful day my friends, I'm not posting pedometer results tomorrow ..
I've been terribly neglectful of keeping pedometer Pete by my side.


  1. Just heard from my sister in washington that the rain has turned to sleet. I'm glad you made it to the tulips before this little system rolled in. What's the deal with boys and big trucks. It's so universal :)
    Ha! as far as a pedometer goes. Mine has been on for 3 days total and the highest step day of those 3 was 5400 steps. Most of my days have been under 2000. Bah Humbug is how I feel about back pain! :)
    Have a lovely day....

  2. Yikes...snow! It looks like we picked a good time to leave home.

    Your little helper will be in thick of the action before you know it.

  3. don't you just love the enthusiasim of a young child who sees life through new eyes and new hope, it opens the eyes of our hearts to see something fresh in the everyday. by the way i love all the flowers........
    soon bettyr......soon.;-).

  4. The sun is shining beautifully here and it's +21..
    Looks like that yard is shaping up very nicely..
    Pedometer?? Where did I last put it?? No stats for me tomorrow either. Can't seem to get back to wearing it.
    Yes Charlotte soon..can hardly wait:)

  5. that' terrible about the snow! Well, you've been showing us all those beautiful spring pictures and now when we are finally getting some of it, you are getting snow! And we're getting earthquakes too! Hope you don't get any of those!

  6. boys and trucks! what a perfect combination :)

  7. Don't boy babies slip out from the womb making motor sounds?

    Don't you wonder if the Lil Miss would have even given it another glance.

  8. So that's the hat!! one of a concrete maker..
    Oh yea, those little ones and isn't it fun to help our kids? We have a project at our kids and it will be so fun to have Levi choose the flowers for their garden. Have to wait till it warms up.

  9. Yes, this is probably the last year your DIL will be able to hold that little fellow back from all that fun!

  10. What in the world is going on on the West Coast? Snow? I just heard this at Melissa's too. Ridiculous and it. had. better. NOT. be. coming. this. way.

    Your stairs are going to be marvelous!

    Little boys and trucks...it sure does start early, doesn't it?

    Enjoy a wonderful weekend, Lovella!


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