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Hey . . .did you notice my blog list makeover this morning yet? I haven't quite completed it yet and I'm having trouble with a couple of the links .. . sorry Marg and Becky, but overall I'm liking the way this works. It seems to have trouble refreshing itself and perhaps as new posts are published it will perform.

If working the way it is designed, I can see quickly who has posted something new on their blog and so can you.

Maybe I'm the last kid on the block to know this was available but I'm going to run through the process quickly so that you can too have a blog list that updates quickly.

I realize this only works for blog .. . so the rest of you. .. put on your pedometers and come back tomorrow. . .

First of all .. go into the dashboard.

Read what is new in Blogger Buzz and then click on draft blogger.

When you do that you are now into the site where they are making all the nifty ideas for our blogs and testing them out.

See the blue B sign instead of the usual orange one?

From this point, click on Layout as you usually would to make changes in your blog.

Look what is says at the top.

Instead of Add a page element .. .

Add a gadget.

Go ahead .. click on it.

See? there is the new Blog List.

Pretty self explanatory from here.

Add your favorite blogs in and hopefully they all come up happy and helpful.

For the life of me .. .

I can't figure out why two of mine will not update nor give a glimpse into their post.

I even talked to Marg on the phone (check her blog .. . )yesterday to see if any of her settings were unusual.

We weren't able to find any.

So, I left a comment with the nice people at Blogger Buzz and hopefully they can help me sort it out.

I am going to be making adjustments to my blog list. .

for today this is how it is.

Don't you just love that we can switch this one detail of our lives with a few clicks?

Oh, and while I was at it. . .

I added this gadget too.

I was amazed at how well it picked up certain posts for me.

I typed in different items that I know I've posted about ..

No more searching for my own posts.

I would think that this gadget would be awesome for everyone to add.

I know I've spent some long stretches looking to find a post in someones blog that has archives that are by date only.

Okay . .. I hope that was helpful.

I do hope you all have a wonderful day .. . pedometers on and breakfast eaten . .(preferrably something healthy).


  1. Okay, now this is fascinating to me because I just signed up for Bloglines this morning and I can't tell that it's "working." So this puts the most recent blog post (already on your blogroll) up? Interesting! I'll have to follow your suggestions or watch for a day or two to see how it sets on your blog.

    Thank you so much for featuring this!

  2. Oh, I finally added google reader and am wondering why I waited so long. It's wonderful to get almost instant updates on who's posted instead of trekking through my whole blogroll. Happy happy joy joy!

  3. Thanks for the tutorial! I had seen that notice but hadn't done anything about it yet. I like this idea, if I can also keep my original list of blogs intact as it is and just add this one as a second list....hmmmmm.
    I'll have to do some experimenting, and I think I'll start on my Come Away With Me blog later today.

  4. Yup, I'm already back to see how it's updating. It seems to take a lot of room. I'm also with Sara, I don't want it to replace what I already have; I'd like it to be in addition to it.

  5. love the new layout and thanks for the tutorial!! i have been subscribed to something called bloglines which is similar and it saves so much time!! :) have a great day!

  6. thanks for the tips. i want to try and tweak my blog and i love helpful hints :)

  7. Lovella, now that is really cool! It's almost an incentive to write a new post daily just to see it update itself!

    Vee: I use Bloglines and love it. It updates once an hour, and you can even save a post if you want to re-read it or refer back to it later.

  8. Ok, so it doesn't work for me.
    I had no problem making it work for all of my links...
    It must be in my stubborn character or something, I appreciate it being posted at the bottom.
    Thanks for the tips..
    It's so nice to share this stuff.

  9. I just want to know what Stuart though about his mum taking a picture of the tutorial screen then putting it on your blog.
    I thought it was hilarious. Great idea. Lovella, maybe you could get a job at Googleplex.

  10. i think now we're all going to be scrambling to update our blogs so that we can be featured at the beginning of your list! i really like this, and now that i've read the comments, i'm thinking of taking a look at that bloglines thingy cuz going through my blogroll takes FOREVER!

  11. This is so neat. I'll be back to check out your tutorial once I get my life organized.


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