The procrastination eventually has to end. Today is gift wrapping day. I love to give gifts to those we love. I even enjoy thinking of what that person would enjoy receiving. I even enjoy the hunt . . .so to speak.
Then . . .the collection begins, usually around Thanksgiving.

Today, I'll wrap up the things I've somewhat successfully hidden. Oh . ..how I wish I had an elf.
Have a good day my friends.


  1. Lovella, have fun wrapping gifts!! I'm sure there are a couple of new names on your gift tags!!
    Aren't we blessed to have gifts to wrap? And a reason to celebrate this season ?
    May you be blessed with joy and happines today !!

  2. Elf... or husband...my mom has a deal: she shops, he wraps. Not really artistically, but wrapped. B. and L. LOVE to wrap gifts.

    It is fun to wrap when you've got the time and the materials to make the wrapping look as festive as you want it to.
    Have fun!

  3. I love to buy gifts through catalogs all year long... but the wrapping becomes a chore... I also need an elf.. but I got wise last year... I have things shipped to my daughters house... then she either wraps... or just opens the shipped package at the proper time...
    that isn't really cheating.. is it???
    enjoy your new little ones this Christmas...

    but next Christmas will be the great one...all you will have to do is wrap up the empty boxes... and they will have a blast!

  4. You have some pretty wrapping materials. I've always enjoyed wrapping, almost more fun than buying the gifts. I'll come to your house anytime to wrap gifts for you!

    Love the new look of your blog too, and the new photo.

  5. I didn't realize that some people like to wrap gifts. I love how Julie put it - we are blessed to have gifts to wrap aren't we. So I shouldn't complain when it comes time to wrap although it isn't my most favourite part of Christmas. I like the shopping part a whole lot more. Have fun.

  6. Your wrapping materials do look lovely. I am a pretty sad wrapper. Thankfully here when you buy a gift it is automatically wrapped at the store. That is all year long. Very nice. Might not be the best wrapping but at least it is done before you even walk out of the store.

  7. Oh an elf would be fantastic! Blessings on all your wraps...

  8. It looks like a lot of loved people will be getting some lovely gifts! I don't mind gift-wrapping when I have a good work station all set up, and when everyone stays out! I love the hunt, but the best part is how I unmercifully tease everyone about the gift(s) under the tree that has their name on it...(that's not mean, is it?!)

  9. I love wrapping gifts way more than the shopping!
    That said I better get to buying the gifts so I have something to wrap...

  10. Hope you had a great day wrapping! I actually quite like 'wrapping' myself. I like your new header...lovely.

  11. Have fun! Mine are finally already wrapped and under the tree! Gotta love those gift bags!


  12. I know how much you enjoy giving. You spend thought and time on the gifts you give. I know you really look forward to the times you spend with your family. I pray that you will be blessed with an incredibly special time together this season. Kathy

  13. Oh yeah. I have a narrow path from my bed to the bathroom, and that is it. There are presents, boxes, and bags everywhere! I think today i will sit down, pop an old Christmas movie in, (perhaps "Christmas in Connecticut"?), and wrap away.


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