trying . .

After nearly cutting someone off the other day in traffic and then smiling at him quite cheesy as he proceeded to tell me off while still talking on his cell phone ( I was wondering what the person on the other side of his phone conversation was hearing) I got to thinking . .
(was that a run on sentence?)
Who am I in the world?
Certainly no angel.
I do hope that blogging has helped me to choose my actions in the world with wisdom.
I think . .I am more mindful of who I represent.
I pray that this season, those around me will see Jesus.
How about you? Has blogging and reading blogs made you more careful or are you being tempted to view things that harm your soul?
Go to my poll and vote, and then leave your thoughts on this below.
Have a wonderful day. I have a shock . .a shock I tell you of grey hair I'm dealing with.

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  1. Yes, blogging has definitely made me more mindful of who I represent. I have been so encouraged by your blog...I don't know you if you realize. Thank you for your words of wisdom, wit, and blessing. Thank you for sharing your life with us and thank you for inspiring me to start blogging. And as always, thanks for the paska recipe, that started it all in the first place.

  2. I answered a, encouraged you. Although I have wasted some time also.

    Reading blogs, has enlarged my awareness and understanding of other people - their gifts, interests, pains, and struggles. I think I am a little kinder, a little more compassionate, and often I pray for those about whom I read. I am often inspired and encouraged in faith, and creativity - sometimes challenged. Blogs are like biographies. I like biographies - sometimes they are disturbing - but they always touch me in some way and God does what he will with that.

    I'm not sure my own blogging has changed me or made me more aware of who I represent. It's given me a venue to reveal more broadly who I am.

    Your often inspire me though your blog. For example, I think my good marriage is a little better from reading your blog. I see a relationship I like and it reminds me to keep cherishing mine and doing the extras that make it even better.

  3. I'll ditto ellie's comment, Lovella. It may be Christmas and time for fruitcake, but I'm still thankful for the paska that introduced me to the blogging world...and your blog in particular. And I think I am more mindful of the impact I have on those around me, since I got into the whole blogging thing.
    I noticed I couldn't sit on the fence when I cast my vote on your poll...I was thinking maybe I should be honest and also vote a little, wee bit for 'wasting time'! I'm not always sure where the time goes when I sit at this computer...but I have so much fun here. Blessings to you, Lovella!

    About the grey hair, Lovella...there are things that you can do.

  4. Love you as the red tree skirt angel. So fun. Blogging ... I think it's helped me to see things from another perspective a little easier. It's given me the opportunity to share things in my life that I probably wouldn't if I weren't writing it down. It's allowed me to waste time, definitely, but then it's also been encouraging at the same time, so is that considered wasting time? One thing's for sure, I love checking out your blog!

  5. Just reading the other comments on this post are an encouragement to me. I too am glad the day I googled Paska just to see if someone out there had a different recipe than mine and there you were, Lovella... and I have read your blog ever since. You have inspired me, been a blessing to me and like Kathy said I have been reminded to cherish my marriage even more and do the little things that mean so much for my beloved.
    I also want others to see Jesus in me and so my actions need to show that.

  6. I enjoy reading your blog and feel it encourages me. I find it similar to talking and listening to my older sisters about their families and lives; it helps to prepare me for what lies ahead in my family's near future. Thanks for being a part of my life, even though you don't know me.


  7. I am so blessed and ministered to in this blogworld you can't even imagine. I always take a nugget of truth away after reading your blog. Connecting with others has helped bridge the gap of being so far from home. I can pop into people's worlds back home and feel like I am there...if only for a moment. As I enter into this new journey of blogging I hope I can do my small part to bless and minister to those in the blogworld.

  8. Blogging has introduced me to some new levels of thinking, learning to take pictures, writing creatively, and yet it has become a forum of sharing and connecting with new and old friends. It's become a hobby for me and I love it. I have been able to use so many ideas and recipes. It makes me feel like there are other normal people out there in cyber space. Blogging has been a blessing in my life.

  9. well lovely lovella,
    you already know how blessed i have been by your blog. i am so thankful that ellie found you through your paska recipe, and look how many good southern manitoba mennonite women found you through that one recipe!!!!
    i love the way you love your husband, your boys and your daughters-through love, and the precious gifts they gave you this christmas. it makes me mindful of how others see me and do they see JESUS in me................hmm, do my kids? especially when they are being testy.
    i find that there are relationships that touch the heart, relationships that are fun and others that are superficial. you definately have touched my heart and made it fun along the way.....bless you my friend

  10. Blogging has definitely encouraged me and opened up new vistas of exploration - all good. I don't waste my time on things that might harm. I'm fascinated by what people have to say and what they photograph, and how they live, and I really enjoy that we can be in such close touch with others in far away countries, or even just over the border in Canada!

    Your blog is always uplifting and fun. Speaking of fun, I see you have a very fun sense of humor - that photo is priceless - you and the tree skirt!

    Your blog and Jill's blog are what encouraged me to take the leap myself, and I've not regretted it!

  11. Blogging as a whole is encouraging. The other cool thing is feeling more connected with believers around the world and seeing a bigger world than is just around me...

  12. It's funny you should bring this up. A friend of mine told me the other day that she has seen my spirit lift through my blogs. I've found that blogging has encouraged me and made me more aware of the love and goodness there really is in the world.


  13. I do try and do my best to make my blog a postive and grateful rambling of my life. I don't want it to become a grumbling, venting session. Although at times it is rather tempting!

  14. I looked in the mirror the other day and thought i too may be getting some gray hair. Then I remembered that I must have painted a white ceiling that day, or perhaps sanded some drywall. Ya that must be it. I couldn't be that gray. Good thing I still have my memory!


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