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Yesterday I ran out in the morning and bought all the fresh ingredients for Judy's Christmas cake. It was so fun . .printing out the recipe and following her instructions.

Don't you just love a bowl full of fruit and nuts? Oh yummy.
Terry has always loved fruitcake.
The funny thing is . .
Judy's husband Elmer is my husbands mom's cousin.
Got that?

I was thinking that the fruitcake recipe that was handed down to me from Terry's Grandma was the same as Judy's.
Nope it's not.
This one is even better.
When you make fruitcake, technically you should let it cure just a pinch.
We didn't . .
and we don't feel bad.

It was just spectacular.
Thank you cousin Judy for sharing this wonderful fruitcake recipe.
Run on over to see how it's done . .
Click here to make your own Judy's fruitcake.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Lovella...

    What fun! But why is it that your pictures look so much more yummy than mine? You take beautiful photos!

    Hope you guys enjoy the fruitcake!

  2. It's so exciting that someone else on this continent makes fruitcake -- most people just complain about it. I can't wait to make mine -- maybe next week.

  3. Okay, so now you mentions fruitcake and you only get a few comments. My nose sort of scrunches at the thought and sound of fruitcake but I have to say, this recipe looks different. I love the coconut. And congrats on finally licking the spoon (I read your comment on Judy's blog). I lick the spoon so much I often don't want to eat what I've baked afterwards.

  4. That looks soo taste i love fruit cake!

  5. That does look so delicious! I love fruitcake but people around here think it's cool to make fun of fruitcake - you know - the joke about the Christmas fruitcake in the festive tin that no one ever eats; instead they pass it along from year to year.

    They don't know a good thing when they have it!

    I'm going to try out this recipe very soon. It looks wonderful.

  6. Oh, I am SO lonesome for some fruitcake! It's just not the same down here. . .



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