snow . . .shoes .. .

Yesterday morning we woke to much the same scene as the rest of the continent.
Since our boys have married and we've become empty nesters it has been our
custom to go for an early morning coffee on Sunday mornings.
Once again . . .I was glad I was the lady.
The ride was a "crystally" . .sparkly . . .ride.

As I stated yesterday . ..
we were going to chop down our Christmas tree in the afternoon.
As my beloved did the chores and I watched out the window . . .
I could see my plans being covered with snow.
This has happened to us over the years quite often.
I'm always the one that says . . .
Really? . . .we can't?
Is it that bad?
It'll be fun!!

He went out to clear the driveway for the egg pickup today . . .
I waited inside for things to clear.

I went out to take pictures and knew the chopping of the tree was not going to happen.
How could we even see what we would be bringing home?
Senseless . .

I went up to the tractor and said . ..
After you are done . .. that. . . .
Hook up the horses and sleigh . .
I want to see lil' miss n.
He smiled.

Some things are easier to convince a man to do.
woo hoo

In 1979 my dad made these little shoes for our first born son.
He had large feet .. .(still does)

I squeezed those little shoes on to both of our big baby boys.

Yesterday I took out the little white laces . .
and put in some pink ribbons.

I suppose when your daddy makes something for your baby . ..
it is forever special.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Wow...what beautiful snow! It looks so peaceful. The shoes are adorable. How sweet that they are being passed down to little miss N. I love it when there's a story attached to a precious item.

  2. Oh Lovella,
    Those shoes are priceless!
    What fun equiptment you have around your place. Dear would love to play on some of those. We are all rain today and I suppose you might have some, too? Getting our tree will be a bit postponed because of all this rain and flooding....

  3. Well the internet must be taking a snowday because I can't see any of the pictures. I'll try again later. I hope baby is doing good and mommy too. Keep taking care of them.

  4. cute. I hope you kissed her litte feet and nibble her little toes before you slipped the shoes on. Just think, next year she'll be old enough to walk in the snow with you!

  5. How Fun!!

    Your day on the farm sounded familiar. I always love to go driving in a blizzard and yesterday when I suggested that around 4:00pm I heard a long sigh...but we went, very short because it was too icy. So we decided to come home again and have a coffee at the fireplace.

    I'm still waiting for our tree. I thought last weekend, but it's turning nice again, so forsure this weekend. I can't wait.

  6. We will be waiting on some extended family to join us this Sat. for the chopping of our tree...fortunately, we have a lovely christmas tree farm just down the road a piece, so we don't have far to go. Just need to get an early start, or we'll be pickin' and choosin' in the dark!
    How special are those shoes??? What an awesome gift to pass down! How blessed miss N is!

  7. The pictures just get prettier!!! I loved the little booty!!! We had a baptism at church last night (we are reformed presbyterian) and the baby was such a tiny little baby doll (born the 20th). She looked like a little baby bird floating on her wings of silk and pearls. We just couldn't get our eyes full enough. I'm sure that's how you feel too!

  8. It sure is pretty...even if it makes a lot more work for the poor farmers! The booties are priceless...I can't believe your dad made them. What a treasure for 'little miss n'!

  9. Oh... how proud your dad would be to see the precious little feet that now wear the booties he made... Priceless!

    Who needs a tree when you have a granddaughter !!!??!! smile

  10. So large feet run in the family huh?
    And this kitten has big feet you say.
    Must have been some wild cat in the family blood line somewhere. It happens in the best of families you know.

  11. Just the cutest little shoes..and to be passed down through the generations..what a legacy!

  12. aww, I cant tsee the pictures either! I will try later.

  13. what a wonderful thing to pass down to each new generation!!
    and of course she will give them to her children and grand children also.....
    special gift for the little one.......

  14. Oh, I finally can see the pictures. I can't believe your DAD made those shoes. WOW! Very, very cute, especially with those little feet in them.

  15. I hear that there is some Christmas tree chopping weather headed our way! Cold and clear with some sunshine thrown in! Have fun picking the perfect tree!
    I love the booties! They are special indeed!

  16. This is odd. This post appeared in my feed today. I was wondering if you were in the prairies until I read about the Christmas tree!

    1. Lorrie, that is so funny! The baby in this post is now an 8 year old and we were reading posts about her last night. I saw this one was for some reason in draft so I published it. I didn't realize it would show up as a new post.

  17. I read and re-read and thought.. what is she talking about? You had me very confused and wondering.
    Cute post you dug out from the past.


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