Out with the old . ..

Out walking yesterday I saw this . . . Old Stump
and . . .Rusty Barb Wire

Old Bridge to Blackberry Bushes

I'm trying to tie these lamas into my thoughts . ..
so . .
(nope . ..got nothing)
Anyways .. .
I just want to wish you a safe and happy new years eve what ever you do.
I'm sure you are pondering your new years resolutions as you go about your day.
I know I sure am.
I'm just thankful that
Yesterdays are forgiven
Today is a gift
and my tomorrows are safely in the hands of my Father . ..
Have a great day . . .


  1. Consider the idea that God lets llamas spit when they are annoyed. Imagine how different our relationships as people would be if we could just hock a big juicy one whenever we were peturbed by someone's words or actions.
    Oh boy....

  2. Lovella... we had llamas near our last place and there is a great , easy tie in for you....
    Llams are soooo curious they are always looking to see what is coming!!!

    Whatever is coming in your new year, I prayerfully wish for you that all things will be personally delivered by our Lord's hands.

  3. today and the last little while actually, i too ponder on the new year with all it commitments and i re-evalute and wonder how to eliminate the unneccesary so the meccessary may speak. hope you have a wonderful new year and boy will i enjoy my mom's portzelky (fritters)

  4. Oh, I'm jealous of those blackberries!!!! Yum yum!

    Happy New Year to you!!

  5. Hi Lovella,
    2007 was quite a year for you with having not one but TWO new grand babies!!!
    what are you going to do to top that in 2008?
    Happy New Year,

  6. Happy New Year! Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement you bring to us. May you have a year ahead of the best of God's blessings for you and yours. ~Adrienne~

  7. It will be a quiet night at home for us. I have been reflecting on this past year, being thankful for so many things...my wish for the new year is to draw nearer to my Lord and be open to His leading..
    Happy New Year, Lovella and Terry!

  8. Happy New years to you too.

  9. Llamas are kind of new - as in breed - for Canada anyway.

    How's that for a tie-in?

    Happy New Year Lovella!!

    We're getting buried in snow down east.

  10. Oh, my goodness, Jill...you are so funny! Of course, Julie, you would come up with a tie-in (and I'm sure you could get a great devotional out of it, too!).

    Lovella, have a safe, wonderful, and blessed New Year!

  11. You are getting good use out of that camera! Love to be able to come along on all your walks vicariously through your lens, thanks! May this next year be just a better, closer walk with Jesus, and your camera! Thanks for letting us ponder life with you.

  12. We too are having a quiet evening at home tonight...a little crokinole and a good movie...and a lot of portzelky! Happy New Year to you both & thanks for all your encouraging words in 2007!

  13. Thanks for all your encouraging words over the past year Lovella. We share many things in common especially November 27th. I'm always wondering how little Miss N is doing.

    Will be looking forward to sharing more in the New Year. I've ordered the book that you suggested and look forward to working through it.

  14. i hope you had a good new year's! i look forward to what lies ahead and i pray that you do as well.

  15. Happy New Year, Lovella!

    Love those pics, especially the barbed wire and fence post.


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