Miss Ella gets her motor

I have to say that when my beloved farmer mechanic called down for the seventy second time to the shipping company to see if Miss Ella's motor arrived, they were just as happy as he was that it indeed was dying to be picked up.
It's just a good thing I was home and appropriately attired or I would have surely been left running down the road waving frantically to come along. Before we left the shipping establishment, the box was opened to be sure it was not a cruel joke.

When we got home, I was instructed to put a pot of celebratory coffee on while he slid the crate off of the trailer. I remember when Miss Ella got her transmission there was no way that thing was coming completely out of the crate, since it would not be needed until the motor arrived.

For some reason or other the calendar that was used in the country of origin for Miss Ella's motor counts every two weeks as one and the month and a half that seemed like a short eternity dragged out to 3 months and well, lets just say the critters and menfolk alike were becoming a tad restless wondering of the whereabouts of "one slow to arrive hot rod motor".

Um, I'm not actually asking my beloved to pose here. I'm still planning on doing a test on New Years eve when it would not seem odd to have loved ones take pictures of me and mine hugging. Since I can't see his eyes when we hug, I want to know if he looks that pleased when embracing me. (I'll let you know)

So, there sat Miss Ella waiting to be fitted with her new hot rod motor and there sat all the parts that came in the crate waiting to be fitted on to the new hot rod motor . . .and my beloved? well he was burning up the phone lines calling his friend the mechanic to come and see.

By the time I came back out to the shop, the transmission was attached to the motor as well as those spare parts and they had her on the engine hoist ready to slip her into place.
By this time word had gotten out and our son who called everyday for 12 weeks to see if the motor had come or else called to tell his dad to call about the motor, or called to see if he had called the shipping establishment once it had been established the the motor was en route, miraculously did not work any overtime and also was there to see the motor slide into place.

Even Ethan (our little friend) who stopped in to show me his new tooth, opted to stand counted as one of the men who saw the motor on that very first day.

After the menfolk were all satisfied that indeed the 383 hot rod engine fit as it should, they all went back to where they came from and left my good man in peace to bring his shop to some semblance of order. I took this picture because I have never seen things scattered about so badly.
If you call my house and I'm not home, I'm likely in the shop with my beloved and his darling Miss Ella . .. .
It's all good. . .we're having fun.
Have a good day my friends . . . .


  1. can't wait to see miss ella in her full glory. have fun with your man!!!!

  2. Lovella, you are too funny! I can just imagine the excitement of those menfolk by the way that you described the arrival of this long awaited motor. Good thing it's here and now you can enjoy New Years.

  3. Hurray for the motor arriving...and wintery weather perfect for kicking back and watching a car come together.

    I hope someone thinks to smudge a little grease on the lil' farm hands forehead...it would be a great symbolic gesture of his part in building the rod. That way he can claim he was part of the car building crew, really and truly.

    Maybe Hot Rod magazine or Popular Mechanics has some kind of liturgy for that ceremony...

  4. looks like a lot of fun was had by those boys...i mean men :) looking forward to seeing her all done and ready for the road.

  5. fun post, lovella! no, your font is not difficult to read against the black, in my opinion. though others may disagree, as i didn't have a clue that mine was hard to read until i changed it!

  6. Oh. Lovella...what fun !!! Miss Ella has really come to life, hasn't she !

    And a man in love !! I have never seen Terry so happy and 'youthful' looking hugging his engine.... hmm... I gonna wait for that New Years hug and see how his expression compares !!! smile

  7. I know Miss Ella is pleased with her new hot rod engine! Even my man, over in the living room playing golf on the Wii, had to come over and take a look at the hot rod engine! ;)

  8. What a thrill for Terry and company! Miss Ella is getting closer and closer to that first drive, and with a brand new hot rod engine. Woo hoo!

  9. Oh, I think I know where all the fella's will be on January 1st when we come by to visit. Better leave some new years cookies in the shop because I don't think we'll be able to pull them outta there!

  10. Oh the thrill of new toys! It never ceases through out our lives, and it brings such delight to those around. I hope your man has a wonderful time putting all the pieces together!

  11. Oh, how exciting! She'll be out running down the highway before you know it!

  12. Looks like a fun time for all! It looks like things are moving right along & you'll have her on the road before you know it. My hubby spent quite a bit of time looking over your post & he is impressed!

  13. Oh man is my man gonna be jealous when I show him this post. We have one of those red contraption thingees that you lift heavy stuff with, ours is yellow! Blessings on the fun times to come...

  14. it's amazing the things that excite men isn't it!!
    of course the motor is nice and shiny...
    BUT..if that was a new knitting pattern...or a new cook stove... it would make good sense wouldn't it? lol :0)

  15. Lovella, such a nicely documented story for the menfolk. And so selfless, too! ;>

    It's been great catching up with you... Loved the picture of the beautiful great-grandmother snuggling with her great-grand. Precious!

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  17. Looks like these last few days have been full of fun......cameras and motors. Perhaps one day you and I should meet up and do a photo walk taking shots with our new cameras.


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