Merry Christmas 2007

O Come let us adore Him,

O Come let us adore Him,

O come let us adore Him,

Christ the Lord!!

I wanted to say Thank you to all of you for being such kind friends. Over and over again I've been so humbled by your interest in the goin's on around the farm. I feel so privileged to have this forum to express my feelings and thoughts concerning the things that matter most to me.

Do you ever wonder what your purpose is on this earth? When we celebrate the birth of Christ today we are worshipping the King of the universe who loved us so much that he made a way to bridge the void that was created when sin entered the world. You can do nothing greater than to worship Jesus who came to save us and give us life. That just amazes me. If you had been the only lost soul, it would still have been for you.

What do you fill the void with in your life? Maybe it is the gifts and the food and the people you are with, or maybe your soul is already filled with the peace that comes from knowing Jesus and all the stuff is just an expression of your celebration of His birth. I sure hope so.

I pray that somehow your heart will be touched by the reality of His love today. Thank you for popping by and may your day be special whatever you do.

I'm off to put my breakfast bake in the oven for the two of us .. .

(pictures are of the sitting room and the foyer up at the B&B)


  1. i just took my breakfast bake out of the oven and am now waiting for our little boy to finish his nap so that we can hop in the car and spend the rest of the day with family! i knew that i could count on your blog to have something worth reading on christmas day. merry christmas, lovella!


  2. Thank you Lovella - a beautiful post. And a beautiful tree at the B&B.

  3. Nice Christmas post, Lovella!
    We had our family Christmas yesterday and it was a wonderful time to celebrate Jesus birthday and each other.
    A blessed Christmas to you and your that pic of you holding your little g'son.

  4. Lovella, beautiful thoughts for the important things of Christmas. Try as we might to fill the void in our lives with substitutes, nothing satisfies but Jesus !! and what better way to celebrate His birth but to bow before Him and praise Him... each in our own heart and way !!

    Be blessed this Christmas Day !!

  5. Dear Lovella

    I'm sending love across the country and prayers for the happiest of Christmases! I know that it will be a very sweet time for you and your family especially with those beautiful babies!!

    Many blessings to you and yours

    with love

  6. I enjoyed your post with the beautiful pictures!!! It makes me want to come to the B&B!

  7. once again you have managed to express so beautifully what truly matters most this festive yet often lonely season..........
    you are the fingers of Jesus typing his words of love....


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