the meeting tree

Focus Lovella . . .focus.

Oh, it's a little hard these days.

Things that seemed fun and interesting before now seem slightly old.

We've been having so much fun the past few days popping in on the kids.
I'm fairly certain she looks like me . ..
(big smirk here)

Okay, back to the business at hand.
Imagine you've been called to an all day meeting.
Imagine the meeting room being decorated for your pleasure.
Imagine . .
I'm upstairs helping Dorothy fix your lunch.

That's right, you'd be at the B&B in their conference room.

I'm off to do some Saturday work, and some laundry.
The snow is falling lightly and the promise of some north easterly winds is in the forecast.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Ohh...a bird on the nest. What a perfect symbol for your new mommy and child's first Christmas.
    Have you seen the silver bird nest necklaces, where you can order the nest with pearl eggs representing the number of baby birds that you have/had in your nest? I thought that was such a subtle yet charming way to celebrate motherhood. Year ago I found a pencil drawing of a dove with two babies in her nest. I now have it in our hall way; reminds me of the days before my two baby birds grew up and flew away.

  2. Thanks Jill, You are ever so observant.
    I haven't yet seen these necklaces but that sounds so beautiful and appropriate.

  3. Lovella, are you really inviting us for a lunch at the B& B. That would be my dream....

    Isn't it hard to focus. I have to switch gears and focus on my other two darling daughters. It's their day. Brunch is in the oven, candles are lit and I can't wait for them to arrive.

  4. By now the trees must all be up at the B&B.
    I can imagine that it is hard to focus on much of anything these days except spending time with your little granddaughter.
    I remember my daughter saying that we just came to see the baby, not them..oops!

  5. Oh, my imagination is working just fine... when are you serving lunch???

    I love your little bird ornament and Jill's comments were precious...

    Have a wonderful day !!!! with snow??

  6. Isn't life grand? Lovely images of your B&B. Could you zoom in on those wreathes in the window sometime? They look most interesting!

  7. OK Lovella... admit it... it's hard to turn off the Grammie mode and turn on the working mode isn't it... even if the B&B does need your help... after all the baby may need her diaper changed... and you need to be there to help... because mommy needs her rest..........
    isn't it a wonderful feeling?

  8. Exciting days!! What is more perfect than a grandbaby especially near Christmas?

  9. Judy, I added the wreath in the window for you this afternoon.

  10. What a beautiful meeting room. I especially like it because it has so much white. I love the wreaths.

    We added red to our tree today because the kids think just white is a bit boring. I think white is so relaxing. Oh well, I guess the kids are only around for a little while so I'll let them do what they want, to a certain extent.


  11. Another beautiful tree! We have a couple inches of snow here...

  12. Lovella i forgot to tell you that Stanlee loved those dog treats that tobee shared with him he thought they were very good. Infact everytime i opened the frig he was right there!


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