lil' farm hand

Far be it from me to talk about you know what day in and day out .. .

but . . .I did want to look at a sweet picture while I posted this morning.

So, . . .blogger has been changing up things while I'm resting my little head at night. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to switch my header again. (tongue firmly in cheek).

I noticed that most of us who have pictures in our headers had them soaked in hot water and shrunk down to near oblivion. When I tried to republish the header pictures it had another good soak in scalding water and shrunk to half it's width too. So . ..thus the narrow template to accommodate the scrawny header. It's all good .. . It gives me a reason to begin a new label subject.

It's just a header. They'll likely put it in some deshrink solution while I'm resting my little head tonight and woo hoo I'll be redoing my template again tomorrow.

I'm off to do some Saturday work. Sheets to wash and oh, I have some macadamia nuts toasting in the oven to make some chocolate fruit and nut bark. I'll show you the finished treat.

Have a great day my friends.


  1. I have so much to learn about changing headers etc. maybe over the holidays...Sometimes it gets so frustrating and I will admit that I feel that wastes my time.

    Got to go check my turkey.
    Today is the big event.

  2. I too have so much to learn. Can't imagine how you do a header. So cute that little hand. I finally put up a new post on my blog. Thanks for your comment. Hope to get more pics of the girls up soon.

  3. I see you caved in to the temptation too! I like your new header, and looks like you've changed to the non-stretch template too. Isn't it fun changing things around?

    I've discovered that when I like a particular color, I need to write down its number because I may never find it again. I haven't tried it yet, but I know I can go into the template's HTML and put that number in the right spot (assuming I can find the right spot) and the color will appear on my blog....


  4. I've noticed that Blogger has been making all sorts of changes this month, not just with the headers. One of those changes is the way we choose our identity when leaving a's gonna look odd!

    That is a sweet picture!

  5. And a sweet little hand at that! ;)

    I have no idea whatsoever about changing my header. I have wanted to, but don't want the headache of figuring it out right now. That's what I have a computer geek son for! :)

  6. That is just the sweetest little hand ever! What a great picture. I love denim jackets on little boys :)
    I think your header looks lovely.

  7. Sadly, my header took a "header" too! *sigh* I just haven't had the gumption to make the change.
    I could look at that precious hand all day long. What a sweet picture!


  8. I noticed the heading shrink too but I'm not going to try and change it because, as you said, it's highly likely blogger will change it yet again.

    I'm looking forward to meeting you, very soon!

  9. A very kissable hand. When I dressed my first little boy in Oshkosh denim overalls(27 years ago), I had some very irate older ladies scold me - "he'd be in denim soon enough and let him be a baby" However, I still think it's cute!

    Speaking of headers and pictures,I switched to Squarespace because I became so frustrated with Blogger and trying to post pictures. I pay a little bit for Squarespace but I think it's worth what I save in frustration.


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