First Advent

Advent . ..the season of waiting and preparing for Christ's coming begins four weeks before Christmas.
This weekend the candle we will light is the candle of HOPE!!!

We are reminded to watch for what God will give us and to see what He has already given.

May you have a blessed day,
my beloved and I intend to chop down a tree!!!!


  1. i love the advent season........the anticipation of something wonderful!!!

  2. That picture of Otis is hilarious! He obviously doesn't mind the snow. So cute. Can you believe how much snow we have right now? Crazy!

  3. I'm presuming a Christmas tree, and not the one in the first picture?

    Have fun!

  4. Well, Terry was just suggesting to me that we wouldn't be able to tell what the tree looks like with all the snow . .so maybe we'll opt for one like that.

  5. Beautiful pictures and beautiful message!


  6. Blessings to you on this snowy first advent Sunday. And yes, we will need to get the tractor out and get that driveway cleared, because we are having some friends over tonight (some of your relatives, actually!) So did you manage to chop down your tree in all this snow? My hubby said you should saw it down...that would be easier than chopping. What would I know?

  7. Nope . . my beloved said I'm nuts to think we're chopping down a tree in this weather.
    I told him to hook up the horses and the sleigh and take me over to lil' miss N's house then.

    Say HI to our relatives!

  8. We got our tree today (went with a girlfriend and her daughters)...what a nice time. Of course we found the perfect tree (both of us...can you imagine?)

    Don't cut down the tree in your yard, it will never work in a tree stand, plus it will be a bear to get out once its branches get dry...;-)

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  9. I'm enjoying your pictures of the snow. Looks like a perfect day to stay indoors and enjoy some hot chocolate and cookies, over at Lil Miss N's house!

  10. I too love the picture of Otis. Very similar to the one on Jill's blog that had the little boy and I laughing hysterically.

    Happy tree chopping.....tomorrow I guess.

  11. Love that you mentioned Advent. We are celebrating advent at our church this year and it is a new concept for the Argentine´s. It was fun to share something from home with them that is so meaningful. Happy snow day!! We are 30 degrees here. I am hoping and praying I will see a white christmas next year.

    Blessings, Leana

  12. Oh,,, this weather is perfect to chop down a tree in !!! What's with Mr. T ? Hmmmm... better tell him just because he is a grandfather now is no excuse to get whimpy !!! smile

    I loved the snow ...but of course with that came the power outage!!

    Hope-- what a beautiful first advent message...
    Prov. 13:12 tells us how important 'hope' is to our mental health...
    "Hope deferred makes the heart sick...but when the desire comes it is a tree of life."

  13. Such lovely pictures with that snow!


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