the clouds are parting

I've been promised a tree chopping event today.
The sky is a bit blotchy with blue sky and we'll venture out to find that tree.
Thank you so much for all your kindness yesterday regarding our Otis.
I feel incredibly loved .. . .
we did in fact go out to do a bit of shopping last night and it felt awfully strange not to be welcomed home. For the last 13 years we've been greeted with some barking.
We always thought it so funny that he would stand on the porch .. .
face the opposite direction and bark.
Who's benefit was he barking for anyways?
Then . .
he would proceed to get himself off the porch and walk in front of us into the garage . .
take his sweet time and stand there waiting for us.
We plan to implement the "honk the horn rule" for our kids and company.
Otis always gave us "empty-nesters" the heads up when the kids would come home.
Oh . .and
this morning Terry watched the crows waiting for their morning kibbles that Otis would carelessly leave behind.
They'll have to relocate.
Back to the Christmas preparations. . . .
I always pull out these two pieces and use them as part of my decorations.
The Christmas Carol book is so ragged and yet it conjures up memories of the evening Christmas carol singing as a family every evening from the beginning of advent until Christmas.
Every evening my mom would put out a few oranges and a few candies . .. .
I feel strangely warmed by these memories.
The other piece of music is "The Star of the East".
Does anyone besides me play this during this season?
This was the one of the pieces of music that my mom had down pat.
I still play it at Christmas and think of how she loved it.

I also pull out this little picture of our two little boys.
They were of the age where you put out what they would wear and they would wear it.
They would also pose on command.
Things do change . .
(love you guys . .)
(just in case they are reading this)
Thank you so much again for showing us such love.
Have a wonderful day .. ..


  1. Little boys in bright red sweaters: A lovely tradition. And to my amusement, it seems great big boys seem to always have one to drag out to wear to Christmas Eve services. When they are crazy enough to add a green bow tie, I just about die.

    Thanks for sharing some closing memories of Otis. He was a character, a real one of a kind.

  2. Oh yes, Lovella..I love "Star of the East"..our radio station plays it quite often. I prefer the old carols!
    Such sweet memories..
    Happy hunting for your Christmas tree!!

  3. Oh Lovella I missed yesterday's post because I was sick so I'm just learning about Otis now. I'm so sorry and sad for you.

    I hope the rain stays away for your tree chopping event. Have fun decorating. Do those old lights still work?

  4. I love the Christmas memories. I enjoy hearing of the traditions that stay with families.

    I remember well the days when I was able to dress my two young toddlers alike, in the cute Christmas clothes that either I or their grandmother would make.

  5. oh, lovella, i'm so sorry about poor otis. as soon as i read about him, my first thought was "i hope lovella didn't take offense at my post disclosing my dislike of dogs". 13 years is a long time and i'm thinking of you as you miss your old friend. happy tree hunting today!

  6. Oh heidi, of course I didn't take offense. I laughed wondering what you would think of my grand dog. Woo boy . .

    corinne, I plgged them in . .don't know why i didn't think to do that earlier and about 6 of them still work. of course I'll have to take a picture of that.

  7. I love to think back on Christmas's fun! No one at our home played piano, so we never gathered around to sing...that's a neat tradition. Tell us about the Noma lights in the picture...are they from by-gone days?

  8. There's just nothing like this wonderful time of year. I'm hoping for the tree by Saturday! Blessings...

  9. Hi Lovella,

    I'm Kristal Sawyer's cousin. I found your blog through hers. I remember you and your family from Central Heights church when I attended there with my family.

    I often check in on your blog and love reading about your life on the farm. Your blog is lovely and you have such a way with creativity! The way you post pictures and step-by-step baking instructions is truly amazing - looks like something right out of Martha Stewart's magazine!! Your blog is so encouraging to read.

    May you and your family be truly blessed as you prepare for the Christmas season!

    Bonnie Boehr

  10. Oh Lovella, you bring back memories... Star of the East ...I haven't heard that song for sooo long. I love it - I used to have the sheet music for it when I used to play _____(you know which instrument, smile)

    Yes, things change when our 'greeters' are gone...leaving our homecoming to be sadly silent and empty.

    I am just soo glad that you have a little precious bundle to focus on that I'm sure has dried a tear or two !!

    Christmas is a special time for memories and you are just embarking on creating a whole new set!!

  11. I don't think I have ever heard either song. I could be wrong. There are so many songs floating around in my head. It's like my personal jukebox. But I'll be on the lookout for these ones now.

    Still praying for you, honey.


  12. Lovella, So sorry about Otis. I have lost several pets, and it is always a heartbreaker. It sounds as if Otis was a faithful friend. Blessings, sweetie.

  13. Wow! I often only think of Lovella, but I realize it's very hard for our men...Oh my goodness, our anniversary comes in January for both our horse and dog and oh...the pain for my hubby to phone the vet...I can imagine Terry's heart is torn apart!!
    I can still see it all over his eyes...
    But then somehow like you said, the clouds parted....and that's what happened to us. "It was raining and half an hour later it was sunny and I phoned my daughter at school to fill her in on the details and then she read her memoir to her class.....I think I sent it to you earlier....

  14. lovella
    i haven't been able to find time to read your blog in the last few days................i'm sorry about otis, it is always sad to loose a loved pet
    christmas memories are wonderful, i hope that i hae created wonderful memories for our kids. today is actually the 6th of dec and for the first time in our childrens history i have forgotten st. nicholaus tag, where you leave a treat in their boot if they have been good all year, my almost 20 year old found this soooo disappointing, oh well i will have to find a way to sneak it in, perhaps a starbuck gingerbread latte will make up for it..;-D


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