Cleaning and reading

My friend Becky gave me the book called The Shack by William P. Young for Christmas. I finished reading that today and I'm sorting it out in my mind. As if often the case when something needs to be taught to me the Lord finds a way to present it to me in a way that I can grasp some truths. I can't say I feel particularly at ease with what I saw in my character but never the less I'm glad I see it and fully intend to allow my heart to soften and become all it should be.
The rest of the day I spent cleaning and running down to pick up some more flour for our annual New Years Cookie feast. Have you bought your flour, yeast, raisins, milk and canola oil for frying yet? I posted the recipe last year and fully expect that some of you will be frying up some raisin fritters yourself.

Clean sheets, laundry done, turkey borscht made . . .it's all good.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Love the photo of the soaring bird, Lovella. Today was the laziest day I have had in a really long time. The only thing that would have made it better is if I could have stayed in my jammies all day! Perhaps Monday?

  2. More info on the bird's nest please. It is a beautiful photo as is the soaring bird...taken perhaps with your new camera?

    I'm looking forward to reading The Shack as well. Maybe we can compare notes later.

  3. Reading and cleaning, Lovella?...I did the same today.
    Yes, I am all set to make those delectable portzelky early Monday morning..I have to deliver 2 large panfuls by coffe break time!
    I will check the bookstore for the book you mentioned...sounds like good reading.

  4. Lovella, I recently read The Shack and have begun to read it again. There sure is a lot to digest and I find that God has a lot to say to me through this novel. I am also trying to be open. There is something about the portrayal of the Trinity that is so attractive and comfortable and yet so unusual. Anyways, blessings on you as you walk with the gentle shepherd through new growth and ideas.

    love, Aimee

  5. I also have recently read The Shack and quite enjoyed it and have recommended it to many people (will probably blog about it one day as well). Sure gets ya thinking, eh.

  6. New years cookie questions - do you thing they would work if I used part whole wheat flour? Also for deep frying, should I have the oil over High, Medium high?? Never done this before but really want to eat some of these this year. Any tips would be welcome. Thanks.


  7. you sound like you're all ready to go for the new year. I hope it's a happy celebration!

  8. Lovella, thank you for your encouraging words over at "my place."

    I will give the bread a try. I've got so many staples to use up (I dislike trying to pack and move food...something always gets "found" too many months later!) and this recipe will help. Besides, I love good bread!

    Yes, part of the reason my daughter and her DH came to fill a moving truck was to take not only her things, but our excess. Not only are we preparing to move, we are also doing a major downsize. Doc and I were playing paper cut-outs this weekend of the "new place" and the furniture we're taking - trying to see what will fit where. Not exactly sure of the move date yet, and the house is still unsold, but a Realtor can handle that for us.

    I love a good adventure! I also love to read...I've never heard of "The Shack" until I read Becky's post; I'll have to look into it.

  9. Beautiful photos, Lovella. And I like your new header. I guess Blogger took care of that earlier problem. I haven't tried to change my header again since then.

    The book sounds interesting. I went searching for online reviews and found one or two that gave me an idea what it's about. Sounds like it might be painful to read, but also very thought provoking and even joyful at times.

  10. Well I will just take my family over to my mom's place to eat the New Years Cookies today. I know Rudy would like me to learn how to make them so one day I will. I'm not scared or anything, just really good at procrastinating.

  11. Cleaning?!! Is the tree gone too?? Oh the pangs of saying goodbye to another Christmas hit me hard.
    We'll be heading over to my Mom's for the making and devouring of the New Year's cookies. Should be a good time. Can never go too wrong with oil, icing sugar, and starch. Hmmm... no wonder so many elderly people died of heart attacks. I guess it is back to the running again! Happy walking!

  12. I read The Shack too. It reminds me of Pilgrim's Progress - very didactic - yet at the same time the plot keeps you engrossed. The portrayal of the Trinity threw me for a loop but I understand why it was done. I need to read it again. It's meaty.

  13. Thanks for sharing about The Shack. I recently read it and found that I've changed some of the things I've always thought I understood about God and the way He and I work together - in a positive way.

    One of the minstries I am involved in is a wonderful ministry to women of all ages in the Portland, Oregon area where I live. The author of The Shack, W. Paul Young, lives here, too. He spoke at our December luncheon where I played, led a time of Christmas worship and sang special music. He and I really 'clicked'. His parents were missionaries with the same denomination that my father was a minister with. We know a bunch of the same people and it was great to meet him, his wife and one of his daughters. He shared something he had written for Christmas and there was hardly a dry eye in the huge room when he was finished. A quiet hush and each of our hearts were touched. I hope he publishes what he shared - it was powerful.


  14. sounds like I have a book to read in 2008! That's what I love about 'blogland' get so many ideas of great things to do (read, make, bake, see). I'm thinking I might have to do a little less sleeping to pack in everything I'd like to do. Thanks for sharing about the book, Lovella...and Happy New Year!
    PS Enjoy the portzelky!

  15. I'm feeling a little like a shack right now. I need some down time badly. Big families bring people all together at Christmas, but I'm exhausted and feel like I need a real good read.

    Thanks for always sharing...
    I'll catch up again in the following week.

  16. I visited the "Shack's" website there and wow that book does sound like a page turner type one. Perhaps I should get it too! I could definitely read it at work in between calls, perhaps I will. Thanks for the link!

  17. Good Morning! I have never heard of the book The Shack, but will certainly check it out. Thank for the reccomendation.
    A cookie feast sounds devine! We will the having our traditional meal of Black-Eyed Peas (I make mind cajun style), greens, mac-n-cheese and cornbread for lunch tomorrow!
    Happy New Year

  18. I read The Shack as well and wow. Amazing. I will definitely be reading it again and blogging about it. The school my nieces and nephew go to in Malaysia is flying the author out there to speak at their chapel. I also head that he's going to be speaking at New Life Christian Reformed Church on February 17th, 2008, at 6pm in Abbotsford. I will defintely be there.


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