Christmas luncheon

Guess who came for lunch today? Carolanne is here from Australia and so I made up a pot of Tomato Soup and called the girls over.
How amazing to meet someone who lives halfway across the world and there is none of the uncomfortable initial get to know you questions since we already know one another through blogging.

The conversation was all over the map. We talked of our parents, our kids, our countries and also had a lengthy chat about starting up a new blogger survivor show. I know .. . kind of funny.
I selected the warmify button on Picasso to warm Becky, Julie and I up a bit. We looked a tad pale next to Carolanne.

Thank you Becky (random ponderings blog) for bringing Carolanne (C outside the box blog) over and thank you Julie (pearls in a nutshell blog) my cousin for joining us too. I think we had a really nice time.
I'll be back to regular posting real soon. I've been making lots of trips to the shop to see what Miss Ella is glowing about .. . that girl.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. What wonderful friendships we have through blogging! Such special is that?? meet others from far away and feel right at home with each other.
    Merry Christmas to you all...

  2. Oops.. I mean how special is that? lol

  3. Well that is pretty neat. I'm glad you had a great visit.

  4. What fun! It's so nice to connect in real life with the friends we've made through blogging!

  5. Looks like a very fun day with good friends!

    It occurs to me that one thing we don't think about when we converse via blogging is the different accents we all speak in. The written word looks the same here, there and everywhere, but we are reading it to ourselves in our own accents. I think it would be an interesting experience to converse in person.

    Blogging is great because we get to see and know each other before we hear each other. Working in an office I got to know lots of people by the sound of their voice on the telephone and formed an image in my mind of what they looked like, and they never did match what I imagined.

  6. What a fun experience. Blogging survivor? Enjoy your days...

  7. That is so exciting. That's the neat thing about blogging. You make new friends and connections. I can imagine the estrogen level was high, but that's what makes it so much fun.

    Thanks for sharing life and ideas with us. Your papaya salad is on the go all the time in our home.

  8. What a pretty center piece. The candlelight and snow look is charming.

    Re: Sara's comment about accents~yeah it is funny. I thought Lovella's pals would all sound British, but actually they sound more like people in Minnasota, and they thought I would have a Texas accent, which is only the case when I am joking around.

    Voices are so interesting.

  9. Now that sounds like a neat experience! How fun to meet in person...especially at Christmas time.

    Many blessings to your and your family this Christmas, Lovella.

  10. Thank you, Lovella for a very lovely, delicious lunch and being such a gracious hostess !!
    We did have a very good time!!
    I wish you and Terry a very blessed Christman !!

  11. How very cool is that?! Wonderful to see women bonding and all through blogging, eh? Hmmmmm, who could've thought it?

  12. Oh, Lovella, that was a fun time. Thanks so much for the wonderful atmosphere, delicious tastes, fascinating conversations, and for making me look just that much healthier! You always seem to know just the right thing to do!! Very glad we're friends.

  13. G'day Lovella!
    I'm sitting here next to our friend Becky and enjoying reliving the moment we shared with you. The food was delicious, the company was great and well, it was just good all over! I didn't realise how "tanned" I was until I saw that photo. I'm not so sure how you managed to make us all look so much younger and healthier but whatever it was, I'll be back for more.
    (I enjoyed having coffee with you yesterday and hope your brunch went well.)


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