The chopping of the tree

As soon as the clouds began to part yesterday we hopped in the truck and went to retrieve the tree.
We went to a hillside tree farm that promised a bit of a workout at no extra charge.

We were pointed in the direction of the noble firs.

T and B also were selecting a tree and we felt a little like billy goats climbing up and down the hillside . .. always sure the best ones had been on the other side of the creek.

After dinner the carols were selected and the tree trimming began in earnest.

Several of you were wondering about the noma lights yesterday. I plugged them in and told Terry to string them up.

Can you believe when I was growing up we had maybe two strings of lights like this for the whole tree?

I never once remember my mom saying . .. we need more.

It always seemed enough.

Since our tree came from a hillside tree farm it has a little of a hillside slant.
It's my job to stand back and give regular assessments on the even light distribution.

As we trim the tree we talk and then intermittently remain silent, both in thought about the season upon us.

I thought about our friends and our family and prayed for them and their families.
Christmas is so special for us this year with new life to make our celebrations brimming with tender and full hearts.

We've also had years where the pain of losing a loved one made the celebrations meaningful in different ways.

Meaningful isn't always easy is it?
As each sentimental ornament was hung I remembered the different years they were purchased or made and then added to our tree.
I remembered my mom reminding us to hang each ornament so that it hung free.
Back then, each piece of tinsel was hung separately and then carefully put back in it's package when the tree was dismantled.
What little things will your child remember someday when they hang their ornaments long after you are gone?

I wondered this myself, and smiled as the new little ornament in honour of a new birth is being hung this year.
Have a wonderful day . .. whatever you do.


  1. Beautiful post, as usual! The tree is lovely with its unique character, and sentimental decorations. I am certain your next generation will follow the traditions that established, even when you didn't realize that they would become traditions. Love Christmas! It really is the season of hope, isn't it?

  2. How hard did you have to pinch yourself to believe a rainbow was overhead???

    I see that you have the little ornaments that are sunken in in the middle. Bernie has fond memories of poking his finger inside that kind as a child. His mom was not quite so happy as he was as he made them shatter one by one.


  3. Nice tree! The only thing that would make it look better would be a cat sitting underneath it.

    Or climbing in it.

    Maybe a kitten for Christmas would be just the thing to help you get over your loss of the big guy....

  4. What a wonderful time to be with family as you find just the right tree..
    I love the old even Noma lights!
    A rainbow in December?? We don't see that here.

  5. tiggie . ..only you would do . .the rest are all Tiggie want to be's . .

    Jill . .when you are out taking pictures on your walk . .don't you just wonder if God placed a photo op just to bless you? That is often how I feel.

  6. Lovely tree...but what can one expect, at the end of a rainbow? How special! I love your antique ornaments.

    So Terry actually helps deck out the tree? Hmmm...not sure I'd want my hubby's help!

  7. I'm pretty sure God gave just you the rainbow. I was purposely looking for it since there was rain and sun when I was walking home with our daughter from school yesterday and we both could not find a rainbow. Count yourself blessed and have a great day.

  8. lovella.........what a beautiful post.....i am a very sentimental person and feel that way about christmas. enjoy this christmas with a new life in your family.

  9. I'm glad you finally got your tree! how delightful to have a rainbow! I love rainbows and always feel like they are a special little gift when I see them. We now have snow too -- what a surprise, this is early.

  10. Lovely post - rainbows and Christmas trees and carols and lights and ornanements and poignant memories - your day was full.

    That Tiggie is one talented cat - he's got his own blog. I'm impressed!

  11. How fitting! The rainbow of God's promise stretched across the sky as you prepare to celebrate Him !!

    This is a very special Christmas for you!

    We need more people who have the wonderful ability to savour and create memories -- the gift of the naustalgic heart! -- that you have!!

  12. Oh, the memories...I have some of the very old ornaments that hung on our tree when I was a child, and I remember lying on my back beneath the tree looking up at them.

    I also remember how many times our family cats would climb the tree, only to topple it and cause several ornaments to break!

  13. Your tree is beautiful. It looks as if you and yours know how to create a memory or two. Thank you for sharing...

  14. I forgot to say, lovely tree Lovella. My sister is a horticulturalist and she always gets a noble fir because the ornaments can hang so nicely.

  15. do those red PJ"s have feet in them? tiggy

  16. your tree looks beautiful. i love old ornaments i can't wait til Julian's old enough so i can put up all my old ones ofcourse by the time he;s old enough we will probably have another little one. One day i'll get to put them up.

  17. I love what you said,"meaningful isn't always easy". My I quote you? That is powerful to me.

  18. Your tree is gorgeous Lovella! How special to have such sentimental ornaments. We are going to get our tree this weekend. I'm really looking forward to decorating!

  19. Love your tree Lovella, but I love you and your great big heart even more...the rainbow God blessed you with was pretty awesome though!

    Enjoy your celebration-giving Him glory!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted


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