the truck's new accessory

Yesterday S&K popped in for some lunch after church. They really came to show us Tobee's new look which I'll save for tomorrow.
After a bit, Stuart suggested that I go out and take a picture of his truck.I went out to give the kids a break from my camera and noticed his typical Saturday detailing of the truck. Took a few picture and peeked inside.

I opened up the back door and I stood there.

I've never teared up looking at trucks . .
until yesterday.
If you are the mom of a son . . .
you understand.
Even looking at the pictures this morning, I'm all choked up.
Soon, the cargo will be a precious little bundle.
As the mom gets ready . . .so does the dad.
We had a fantastically stormy night,
and for the first time in my life,
my tossing and turning came not from the winds that knocked the power out,
(though they were amazing)
nor from the clatter of the tin I heard (thinking it was the barn roof) . .
it was Indee's dog house.
(though it did assist me)
Or was it from the outhouse skidding down the driveway,
the door banging back and forth
(interesting sight this morning)
No, my restlessness came from looking in the back of the truck,
knowing that within a few weeks that car seat will hold a child.
I'm off to the B&B for some cooking, girl time and of course some Christmas tree photography.
Pull yourself together Lovella.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. I know th feeling Lovella...that restlessness as you await's been awhile for me and next will be great-grandparenting..wonder what that will be like??
    Waiting to see some pics you will be taking at the B&B.

  2. What a sweet, sweet thing to look forward to! Blessings...

  3. Lovella,
    when you hold that little grandbaby in your arms you will have such a burst of the most wonderful love...
    it is a love without the fear you felt when you held your own child for the first time...I am excited for you because I know the wonderful feeling...welcome to the Grammie Club!!!

  4. Awh, You're sucha sweet momma!

    Hi, I'm SouthernBell (Chritina). I'm new to you. Glad to meet you.

  5. Car seats do make it seem very real. Maybe because when we were kids playing with baby dolls, car seats weren't part of it yet. Nothing pretend like there.
    Remember having two car seats for the first time? Awesome sense of responsibility wasn't it.

  6. A picture really does say a thousand words, heartfelt words. I think I can feel what you feel when looking into the window of the truck. Times are changing, and oh, so exciting.

  7. I can just imagine how your heart leapt when you spotted that car seat in the truck. Maybe it leapt like mine did yesterday when my daughter hugged me and told me they're thinking - still just thinking, mind you - about making me a grandma...ooohh, me. *sigh*

  8. Beautiful post. I can't wait to anticipate my own grandchildren one day.

  9. Sooo exciting! You are going to be such a wonderful grammie to the precious little bundle who'll be sitting in that seat!

  10. why pull yourself together lovella? how very exciting, it is sooooo wonderful to know that these babies in waiting are already very very very....loved. because of the ministry that i am involved in with crisis pregnancys it always touches my heart when babies are planned, prayed for eagerly being awaited in makes my eyes tear up for all those little babes and their mamas who are afraid, alone and abandoned.........bless you liebe oma and when you pray for those little grandbabies of yours.......could you please pray for all these little ones who don't have a loving oma? thanks i knew i could count on you....

  11. Charlotte, of course. I often think of you in your ministry and I'm amazed at your heart. You minister to the broken and what greater thing could you do. Blessings on you.

  12. Oh, here's the answer to my question (from my previous email). I'm so happy for you --- not much longer and your new little grandie will be here. I totally relate to your post today! I'm not there yet, but I understand.


  13. I can just imagine what you must be feeling and I'm so excited for you!

  14. Love, real love cannot be without the pain...there will be many nights you toss and turn worrying, praying for the little ones that will consume your heart and life. But the joys are overflowing...and when you first hold your grandchild your restlessness will settle into an explosion of emotion you have never felt before !!!
    I'm praying for you and your children and your soon to be 'loves of your heart'.

  15. well, i can say i'm the mother of a son, though he's not even a year old yet! but my eyes teared up at your post as well. so excited for you!


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