Tobee's haircut and his willing heart

On Sunday when the kids came it was really to show off the new haircut that Tobee was sporting. I was thrilled he showed up since I've been itching to use my new Baby wash. I asked very casually . .. Tobee, would you like to try Grammie's new baby wash?
He perked up from his usual favorite spot and literally jumped at the opportunity to be of assistance. I love his willing heart.

I really wanted to try my new baby washing device called a Daphne but he wasn't having any of that. He felt a bit safer in Dad's arms and really it's a bit hard to take pictures and bath a baby . .I mean dog at the same time . .(someone has to teach me how to cross out words .. .it would make my story funnier).

Anyway, Tobee was quite excited, since he had himself a party later in the evening and he wanted to look his very best.

His little friend Olive turned one on Sunday and they had a party. Oh goodness, apparently it was just the craziest. Olive's hat is tipped back a bit but the part we don't see is all the adults also wearing those tiny little hats. Shoot.

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Now this is the part that just is the funniest. I did this little blog test where you can insert your url and the super machine will immediately give you a reading level for your blog. I have to say here I was a bit excited. I said to my beloved, come and look, this thing is telling me my blog is a super smart blog. We pondered it for a bit and decided it is because I use words like willy nilly and other words that haven't yet been put in the dictionary. It is that and the super smart witty comments you all use. (that and the fact that they shoot the scores out randomly)
Oh well, it worked in conjunction with my post today and I couldn't resist adding a little intelligence to it . .. snicker.
Have a wonderful day my friends, I'm finishing my last receiving blanket today and then I'm going to pace . .(this could be a long month).


  1. Congratulations on your "smart blog", Lovella! We readers of course all knew that already!
    Ahh..such cute dogs!!

  2. How does it feel to be a genius? Blessings...

  3. If someone calls you a 'genius' just smile graciously and nod slightly to show you knew it all along !!! as did we all of course!!!

    But Lovella, I'm not sure you can learn anything about bathing a grandbaby by practicing on a dog. smile

  4. Tobee doesn't know he is the DOG.

    (plus this product can no longer state that it was not tested on animals . you think I should contact them? The good news is that in fact that were no tears.)

  5. I'm so glad you are writing for genius level readers. So few bloggers are willing to do so!
    Thanks for the tip, I took the test as well. Gratifying results all around.

    I'm also glad you clarified that it was S. giving the dog a bath. For a moment there I was thinking your arms were in need of a serious waxing!

  6. Oh I added that tidbit after reviewing the pictures.

  7. Tobee looked like such a willing little helper, and probably smelled so wonderful afterward :) Almost like a baby?

  8. tobee was smell less after his tubby time. No fragrance, no tears .. and hypo allergenic to boot.
    He's a good pooch alright.

  9. I don't like that JUDGEMENTAL blog claimed my blog is "elementary school".

    =( Sad. Very very sad.

  10. kristal . .say willy nilly a few times in your posts . .apparently that is the trick.
    I think you have to retry it like you would hoping to get the red gum ball.

  11. I'm elementary too....dang...knew I should have gone onto 'higher education'!!!!

  12. Oh, I love the party picture! Olive was definetly not as co-operative with the hat wearing...but it lasted long enough for a photo! Those dogs, they sure know how to have a good time! Hope our babies turn out to be great pals too!

  13. just a hint... the baby will be slipperier (more slippery) than the Dog...even though the dog doesn't know that he is a dog and thinks he is a baby!!!
    of course he was the guest of honor at a People Party Wasn't he...
    that shows what I know about dogs or babies!!

    I hope your baby comes soon!!! Grammies get more anxious and nervous that mommies!!!

  14. Well Lovella, while you're waiting for the babies, sew up a few bibs. They are always needed and since you're almost finished with the blankets it will give you something to do. My mom used to cut a hole in a hand towel (not quite in the middle) and sew ribbing around the hole and then the bib just slips over the babies head. Very comfortable and absorbent.

  15. Thaks Lovella! aparenty me blog is highschool. Aways node me not the smartest bolb on tree. Tanks for ponting that out to I.

  16. Tobee looks so cute with his new hair cut i bet he smelled good after his baby bath.

  17. The little weeny ones are adorable even wet!!!!
    I tried the genius blogger and I guess I am one, too...compared to what I don't know. hehe

  18. wow...what a privelage......hobnobbing with a genius!!!!
    the pooch looks so cute wet, kinda like a drowned rat don't ya think.
    (sorry tobee, i didn't mean to hurt your feelings..;o(.......)

  19. How to cross out words -
    put an "s" in the first set of <> and /s in the second one. Hope that is understandable! It won't let me post an example.

    Congrats on having a genious blog!

  20. Kathi . .thank you so much. I will give it a try really soon.


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