time trials

I was outside admiring the fallen leaves, feeling poetic and standing patiently waiting for the sun to dry them out for appropriate crunch beneath my feet.
I love the smells and sounds of autumn. One without the other is useless.
I gingerly made one or two passes across the grass.
I estimated that I would need another hour to allow the sun to crisp and dry.
(not unlike making meringues)
(or the crust of pavlova)

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw leaves flinging, not in a vertical downward motion, but rather in a horizontal motion.
There he was, cleaning up the leaves, without allowing for the crunch ability factor.

If he seems blurry in the picture, it is because that is how he works. I should have thrown him off his game by suggesting a coffee break . . . When he does tasks about the farm it is as if he is running time trials. While they do calf roping time trials I would like to enter my farmer in cleaning/tidying trials. Cleaning/tidying what you ask . . .anything, my friends, anything.

There are still plenty of leaves up in that tree and the weather guy reported a sunny day, so I'll take up my post again and I aim to feel the crunch before he feels the need to rake and tidy.
Last night we were on our way home and after a bit I said to him . .. you know you are speeding don't you? Help me . ..you're supposed to help me . . .he said. (like I'm going to be with him every time he leaves the farm)
I'm off to the B&B for some fun and fellowship.
Have a great day my friends, and if you feel a leaf crunch beneath your feet today, consider yourself blessed.


  1. Hey, we've got lots of crunchy leaves at our place. Why don't you BOTH come for a visit; you and I can enjoy a nice crunchy walk and then T. can enjoy raking the leaves up.

    He would enjoy raking up for us down here, wouldn't he? We'd even be happy to serve him coffee, as much as he can drink!

  2. Oh there's somthing about jumping into a pile of multicoloured leaves that's so much fun as a child. My parents would spend their weekends raking cedar into piles in the yard and bagging it. Then there was Karlee and i who always slowed the process down by jumping into the piles. Our poor parents. It was fun though.

  3. I miss the crunching of leaves and jumping into the big piles we used to make, but I sure don't miss the raking and bagging. That's one upside and downside of living in Florida, I guess.

  4. There certainly is something so beautiful about a sunny, fall day. The leaves just look so pretty. But the raking, well that job is for the kids.

  5. No leaves here on our little farmette, except for a few poplars. The pines stay green all winter...a happy shelter for the chickadees and cardinals!

  6. He's a keeper...!!!!!

    My man works hard, too, and never quites until the job is finished.

  7. Yes, the crunchy leaves... a beautiful fall pleasure.
    Most people seem to think fall leaves are like dust ..they must be gotten rid of as soon as possible... I think they add such beauty to the fall ground...like rose petals scattered down a wedding aisle.

    (Terry's fast feet on the farm don't know how to stop when he is behind a wheel, huh?? smile)

  8. couldn't you just kind of jump into the pile of leaves and show him that he was missing some of the best fun that leaves have to offer?

    of course looking at the trees, you will have more than one opportunity to hear the crunch of the crisp leaves under your feet!!!

  9. It would seem that your Mr T and my H should have a race sometime! I just had to smile inwardly at your comments, because I see the same thing when I look out of my kitchen window ... my husband raking leaves like they're going to go out of style and then running behind the lawnmower like the grass will grow too tall by the time he gets it done, just so he can run behind the blower to get the final stragley cuttings cleaned up. Our daughter-in-law has commented about lawnmowing being brought to anotherlevel. Yes,
    I have to smile, but I'm thankful to have a husband who is not afraid to work.


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