the things we do for love

Yesterday the kids all came for brunch. As usual Tobee came too.
He's such a good little pup, sitting quietly beside us while we eat. He roams around, particularly under Uncle TT's chair to see if there might be a morsel or two.
So, after lunch yesterday, I found a dog recipe on the Internet,
used the bacon drippings that Tobee longs for,
added some Whole wheat flour, cornmeal, grated cheese
(I just happened to have a dog shaped cookie cutter in the house . . . .)
and we had ourselves some biscuits.

Tobee could hardly wait to sample his.
I just get such a kick out of the way he holds his food.
It took him about 5 minutes to work through that crunchy thing.
This is old Otis, lunging for his.
I figure I deserve some sort of photography award to be hand feeding that boy and taking a picture of him at the same time.
The camera couldn't even reset in time to capture the one crunch.

I told him to mosey off of the porch and we would go back to our normal feeding arrangement.
I'll huck them and you catch them.

Later when it was time for Tobee to go home I sent him home with a doggy bag of course to share with his best friends Olive and Stanlee.

Have a great day my friends, I'm still tying ornaments.


  1. Love the doggie pics! I just had to laugh over Otis' one-bite gulp compared to Tobee's five-minute meal! LOL

  2. I do think you need a photograhic award for one-handed pic's...they look great! I'm just reading back on your blog & am wondering if I'll be able to squeeze in a little time for making Christmas ornaments. I've never heard of the applesauce recipe, but they are beautiful...and I can almost smell them! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Those little treats sound pretty nummy ... are you sure they're only for puppies?

  4. It's so sweet to see your kindness jump off your blog pages, Lovella. If these sweet pets get such royal treatment your grandkids are really in for some wonderful treats!!!

  5. You do have fun Lovella!
    Yeah, I remember giving Otis a treat...don't you blink or you'll miss seeing it go down the hatch!
    Tobee: taking time to enjoy every morsel is so wise. The petite must make every calorie count!

  6. I too was wondering if those bicuits were only for puppies?? Did you try one, Lovella?? lol
    I won't be baking those as there are no doggies in our family.

  7. None of us people actually sampled them, . .not sure why.
    They are basically a hard bacon cheese cookie. Why eat those when there are better things in the house? I have biscuits in the oven for our lunch now, considerally softer looking.

  8. I'm liking the new Christmasy look on your blog.

    What lucky critters Otis and Tobee are!

  9. Your blog's new Christmas decor looks so enticing and welcoming.

    What lucky pups to get some of your homemade yummies!

  10. For those of us who have doggies in our families... or as I have a grand-puppy could we have the recipe?? Wouldn't those make a nice doggie Christmas gift??

    I always felt that our big dogs missed out on the pleasure of eating by just focusing on the one gulp method. smile
    I liked watching my cats...they would settle themselves down comfortably and wrap their tail around just right and then slowly begin to purr and enjoy every lick and nibble.

  11. You are great. I love seeing people treat dogs with such love.


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