Sunday afternoon walking . .

Yesterday after a lunch of Blintzes, and the usual breakfast fare, we all set out for a walk.
Walking behind my men I'm always shocked at how similar Terry and Stuart look.
I know there is scientific explanations for this.
Still shocked.
I'm putting up some more Christmas decorations today.
Have a wonderful day.


  1. I too am putting up more Christmas decorations..just when I think I'm done I decide to add some more.
    Our radio station is playing a lot of Christmas carols...sure puts me in the Christmas mood!

  2. Hmmm...the old "Take a long walk to get the baby thinking about moving out" ploy, huh?

    The oh so handsome Stuart and Terry do look similar. I think it is interesting to see family members who walk alike.

  3. Sometimes the strong similarities between Doc and Ryan just blow me away, too. It's wonderful, isn't it!

    I'm in such a dilemma - I want to decorate for Christmas, but I'm so busy packing everything up and clearing out the closets...trying to get this house on the market by Jan. 1st. What a chore!

  4. It is amazing to see family similarities ... because it sometimes just sneaks up on you ! Its interesting that Stuart and Terry look alike and not Terrance and Terry !!
    All good !! One has the name , that other the similar physical features !!
    It was a beautiful day for a walk yesterday ....
    Have fun decorating....

  5. well now that the snow has fallen it has certainly added to the christmasy spirit around here. our youngest still adds so much enthusiasm for this season.
    family dynamics are so interesting to me. sometimes you can just tell who belongs to who. and someitmes it is not even blood relation that does that, my nieces who are not from my blood line have been told they sound or act like me..........wierd eh? (the eh was for the benefit of you americans out there, i thought you would get a chuckle)

  6. Looks like I'm finally being able to thing about Christmas baking and decorations. Although I did most of my Christmas shopping on my recent trip, and now it's time to bake with my little friend, Levi who will be spending some time at our home this week. We're all so excited!!

  7. I'm always amazed at the mannerisms that are the same.

    Beautiful poinsettias! Hope you chose a nice one.

  8. Yes, it is really amazing to see those similarities! We enjoy that in our family too. Hey, I'm interested to know what Blintzes are - I've heard the name but have never had them. Would you consider sharing the recipe in your ever so professional style with pictures? Many of your recipes have made it onto our family favourites list. Thanks! Elsie

  9. Oh yes...I definitely see the resemblance. I guess everybody is walking...and waiting! One of these days you will have exciting news to share. Meanwhile, enjoy your decorating blitz!

  10. Elsie,
    Blintzes are simply crepes with cottage cheese filling. We roll the crepe or german pancake up with the cottage cheese and put strawberries and whipping cream on top. Quite yummy.

  11. you didn't say if your daughter-in-law was walking with you... or is she sitting this one out waiting for baby to come ...

  12. Oh you must be so excited. I was really thinking of you on Saturday (the due date) because we were at a baby shower for my cousin's wife who had her baby on the 15th. I hope Karly is doing okay. Those overdue days can seem like weeks. It should be any day though now right? Be patient. Keep baking.

  13. P.S. I always thought Stuart looked like you.


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