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I was looking for an appropriate picture for today's post when I came across this one from last Sunday's walk just minutes from our farm. It is one of my favorite spots since it is lined with Maple trees. I told my beloved to do an action shot and this was his best shot. The leaves have been receiving a good drenching the last few days and have likely lost their fun.

Okay, now for today's tutorial, Lovella style. I've been trying to figure out how to cross strike words from my post. I've always thought it quite fun and a bit more inside the mind of what one would really be thinking if they were to be really honest. I've searched in the help section to no avail. The other day I put out a plea and Joyful Kathi gave me the instructions. Thank you.

Unfortunately I'm a slow learner and still couldn't get it to work. So, I did what most clever moms do . . ..I asked my son. Not wanting to call him and disturb him at work, I sent an emergency email, requesting his help.

He sent me instructions along with this link. I have repeatedly tried to show you how to do this but now I'm so good at it. It continues to strike out my instructions . ..I'm laughing very hard now. So, click on the link and good luck. I thought I could show you if I wasn't in html but alas it works even in compose mode. Basically, you are going to use this <> sign which we will call the pointing outward arrows. So . .. put the first half of the pointing outward arrow and then type the word "strike". Then put the other side of the pointing out arrow. On the other side of the word you wish to strike out put another pointing out arrow and one of these / before you write the word strike again. Make sure you finish with the >.

I do hope this helps those of you who need a moment of comic relief.

Oh, and for tomorrows post, you will need . . .fresh graham cracker crumbs, fresh, walnuts and fresh packaged fine coconut. You'll also need some "real" creamy unsalted butter, some icing sugar, vanilla custard powder and some semi sweet chocolate. Run to town and pick these up because you'll need them if you want to try a Canadian treat.

Helloooo . .. .I'm updating my tutorial at 11 am. I realized that I have been as clear as mud. I decided to type the instructions , print them out . . .scan them, crop them and add them as a picture into my post. There you go. I'm exhausted. For my friends that say to me, "you must spend a lot of time of your blog" .. . .today . . .. you are absolutely correct.
Oh and I do hope this will help the voting poll.

Have a great day my friends. I'm off to do some tasting photography on tommorows post.

Now, if I may redirect all of you . .bloggers, lurkers, to vote on my very scientific poll at the top right hand corner of my blog.


  1. Oh , Lovella !! I LOVE learning new tricks... when you mentioned the striking out yesterday I thought, oh I would love to know how to do that!!
    Thanks for the so clear instructions on how to do it!!
    I LOVE it !!!

  2. Too funny ... love that picture of you with the "oopsy" look. I think doing a strike through is now as clear as mud. The Poll in the upper corner is priceless too; you've got a great sense of humour!

  3. Thanks for that strike out info, Lovella..I can learn to do that,I think...
    Pretty good action shot of you throwing up leaves..that is what you are doing right?
    Oh and I am already waiting in anticipation for tomorrow's post..I can tell it will be yummy!

  4. Yeah! Thank you for tapping into your son's expertise. Imagine, a guy that's nice, great looking and smart too! Isn't that refreshing?

    Now about that fresh coconut ingredient in your Canadian treat.

    Hmmm...I think you've been hitting the maple syrup again.
    If it's your recipe it is bound to be good.

  5. you are way too cute!!!! oops , i tried and it didn't work, (they wouldn't let me do it because of my hotmail) or maybe i didn't read the instructions right or maybe this computer thingy is not for me....argh.....looking forward to tomorrows recipe!!!
    does the cocunut have to be fresh?

  6. Charlotte . .no . . just unsweetened fine works best.

  7. Your addition makes it all seem so easy now! Thanks Lovella (and Stuart).

  8. You are too funny.

  9. What a cute post! ;-)
    (I've learned something anyway...)

  10. Um...what is vanilla custard powder, in American? Vanilla pudding, like Jello pudding? Would that be instant pudding or cooked? Or something else all together?
    I am rather pleased that my brain now translates icing sugar to the American powdered sugar without even a blimp anymore.
    Anyone cook bi-lingually out there?

  11. Jill . . . Custard powder I believe comes from the UK. I checked and Bird's eye brand sells in the US. Check online maybe. It is different from Cooked pudding in that it is not sweet. It is generally meant to be cooked.

  12. Oh priceless. I think all us new bloggers who are learning way more than we knew a year ago should have a big party celebrating our accomplishments and coolness!!

  13. Lovella,
    you are only as good a Teacher as those you teach...
    I tried to do it in the comments but it told me that "the tag was not allowed"...I'll try it in a regular post sometimes...

    by the way you look like you are having a great walk in the leaves...

  14. OOOOOhhh you are so cute, my dear.

  15. Excellent tutorial! And now --- I'd like a tutorial on making a "Mr. Linky" (like Kelli has for Show and Tell Friday's. . .do you know her blog?) and for creating blog surveys like you have. Teacher Lovella --- make us smart!!!


    PS: I am still in love with your NEW black hat! I wish I could find one!

  16. OH you should shift to squarespace - they have a little icon with a strikethrough - click on it and poof! your word has a line through it!

    But learning the HTML is good too - I picked it up by reading the page source on the Edit tab - then I would copy and paste and figure out what they were doing.

    BTW you are a very good cook - an inspiring cook - we're eating ginger cookies on the east coast because of you!

  17. Thank you for the tutorial. You really are a doll!

  18. You're welcome, Lovella, although I thought we could use an "s" in those pointy brackets instead of the word "strike". :-)

    LOVED the poll! Thank you for the laugh this morning!

    Joyfully, Kathi

  19. Kathi, I tried it with just the "s" and it didn't work on my computer. My son explained that you probably have firefox . .or something like that.

  20. Lovella, your instructions were clear (although I did already know how to do the strike-throughs), but your humor makes it so much fun! The poll is great, too.

    For those of us here in the US, the custard powder can be ordered through amazon, and probably other sources, too.

  21. I have been directed here by a few people and I am SO glad that they did. I have always wondered how to this. I have seen different programs on other links where you can type your comments and use the "strike" key to just...well strike that word. I thought that was the only way you could do it and I don't have that program. Thank you so much!!

    Please stop over and visit me if you have the chance.



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