sights and smiles at the B&B

Yesterday up at the B&B the food was scrumptious, the sky was perfectly blue and the smiles were everywhere. First of all I wanted to show you this gorgeous bush.
In summer it is beautifully green and this is the color of autumn. I kept seeing it out the kitchen window and just had to run out and take a few pictures.

I took a brief walk through their wooded trail. The maples have lost all their leaves and the pathway is lined in appropriate crunch.

Do not adjust your set. This is the beginning of the Christmas season up at the B&B. This is the first of six trees going up and yesterday the first one was finished. I thought I might show you one of the trees up at the B&B each week. That leaves the last week to see mine. Woohoo.

This beautiful tree lives in the attic room which is home to meetings for mid size groups.

I love the woodland theme of the tree. I was a little disappointed with the full size picture I took since the coloring didn't do the decorations justice.

Your bonus shot for today is our little friend Ethan who made an appearance later. When he first came, his usual smile was not to be seen. After a bit of food in his tummy, he was good to go and smiled for the duration of his visit.
All right, I'm off for a visit to my hairdresser to have my roots looked at.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. That is an interesting way to decorate a tree. Looks like a beautiful bed and breakfast.

  2. I'm glad you got to take your crunchy walk finally! I love your yellow tree and see just what you meant by one of your comments to me about standing under the tree and looking up at the leaves - I pictured myself there too. I'm looking forward to all the Christmas trees you will be sharing - and this first one is lovely with the feathers and twiggy ornaments.

  3. Ah...Christmas. It will be here quite soon. I love decorating and listening to Christmas music. I hope there was some appropriate music played during the set-up of the tree.

  4. Hi Lovella,
    Love your pictures. I am Jill's mother-in -law and she made some wonderfull scones for breakfast this morning. She used your recipe.

  5. Oh,Christmas...I love Christmas but it seems to come quicker and quicker every year..

    That is a pretty woodland theme tree... what fun the B&B would be at this time when all the guests are in a festive mood !!

    Have fun at your hair dresser!!

  6. PS.. I was going to add.. little people can come any time of the year..they are always so sweet and welcome. Ethan is adorable !

  7. That is one great tree. Looking forward to seeing the rest. Hope your roots are in order by now....

  8. what a beautiful tree! Wow i can't wait to put up mine now.

  9. Are you beginning to feel the Christmas spirit? I can't wait. I think it's time to start shopping for our tree and decorations. Ah, Ethan ... always the best smiles for Uncle Terry!

  10. I love that tree with the fall colors! Our trees are bare!
    We were in a store in the USA this weekend and they were playing Christmas carols and they haven't had their Thanksgiving yet!
    My Christmas tree comes up mid Nov..I love to do it early so I can enjoy it for a long time!

  11. Now I feel better about my plan to start Christmas decorating this weekend...why wait til December when you can enjoy it sooner?
    ps. I must say, you are very attentive to your roots. Ordinarily, no one but your hairdresser would know, but I've seen the number of visits to your blog - I'm afraid the secret's out.

  12. Christmas decorating - does this mean I have to put away the pumpkin/flower arrangement on my kitchen table?

    I have to go have my roots looked at this week too - or else everyone else will be looking at them :)

  13. At least some one left their leaves on the ground long enough for you to have the crunchy walk you have been longing for!!!
    and the tree is beautiful... I'm looking forward to the rest of them each week...
    have a great day!

  14. wow ......what a beautiful tree.............SIX TREES IN ONE HOUSE?!?!?!?!


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