She's a winner .. .

Thank you to everyone for sharing from your heart.
I loved reading every ones memories and ideas for grammies.
I gained such wonderful insights and as I read them and reread them . .
I pray those words will settle deep into my heart where they can produce fruit.
I was so excited to see who would win. This is the actual picture of the drawing.

Natalie, I'm so pleased to announce that you are the winner of my first bloggy giveaway.
Far more special than that . ..
You are the winner of the cross stitch that (though it may be a bit rough)
was made with love . . in honour of our lil' miss N.

Thank you everyone for participating and since it was so much fun,
I plan to do another one of these bloggy give aways soon.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Congrats Natalie! What fun to 'be' at the drawing. It was really meaningful to me reading all the posts too. Thanks everyone!
    Lovella - I've noticed that little teddy bear in the pink jammies. Cute.

  2. Lil Miss N's Christmas giveaway ... won by a girl who's name could also have been Little Miss N at one point - how fitting. So fun! Can't wait to hear about all the new adventures.

  3. Is the baby bear supposed to represent Lil Miss N.?

    Maybe you should hearone more Grammie tip: NO GIVING STARBUCKS TO THE BABY!!!

  4. Congratulations, Natalie!I know you will enjoy your 'prize'!

    Enjoy your day, Lovella!!

  5. Wow, Lovella, congratulations on your brand new granddaughter, and your brand new status as grammie to Lil Miss N!

  6. I think I'll print off all the suggestions on how to be 'the world's best grammy''s good to have a reefresher on what this job is all about! Thanks to all your reader's for their input, Lovella. And congrat's to Natalie.

  7. Congratulations Natalie and again Jill you are too funny.


  8. Congratulations, Natalie!

    Thank you, Lovella - this was fun and you have a lot of tips that many of us can use!

  9. That WAS fun...let's do it again! Soon!! ;)

  10. What a nice surprise!!! I never win anything- what a treat! Thanks Aunt Lovella!

  11. Congratulations to Natalie!! So much fun to win things! Good for you!


  12. I have to admit, I was near eye-filling-up stage reading through all those suggestions. How precious to have significant others in a child's life. I have adopted some grandparents for my kids over the years, and it has been a major blessing. THey offer a dimension to my kids that I never could. Enjoy your gift Natalie!


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