Poinsettia time

This is the time of year I venture out to our local nursery to admire the beautiful Poinsettia plants. They are displayed in long greenhouses healthy and vibrant.

How to choose?

I wouldn't mind this old cart to put in my garden .. Hmm . .not for sale.

I have the barrels at home but those poinsettias would last one night and they'd be Popsicles.
Have a wonderful day my friends, I'm off to do my Saturday work.
Is is just me or does Saturday work come quite often?


  1. The poinsettas are gorgeous! what a fun place to visit! I'm eager to get a pink poinsetta this year -- last year I saw pink ones with white around the edge and couldn't decide between that, or a speckled one. I chose the speckled one, so this year I'm going for the pink. :)

  2. What a great reminder to go to our great garden shop close by to see all the wonderful varieties of Poinsettias. My Saturday is starting with paying the bills!

  3. everyday I come by waiting for the announcement of a new baby. Oh, Karlee must just be stewing......would be hard to be so overdue.

  4. I'm looking for a deep red poinsettia for this Christmas.
    My Saturday started with going out for breakfast with my grandson.

  5. I've been doing my Sat work on Fridays, and it seems to come even faster!! (Something to do with liking a more relaxed Sat and it doesn't come fast enough?) I want to find a very deep red poinsettia. I like the ones with the curly flowers, but have only seen them in the smaller plants. Isn't it fun to anticipate something exciting in this season? I'm waiting (too) for my grandbabies to come home from Indonesia. I know the date, but in your case you can just expect them every day, I guess. That's fun!

  6. Hi Lovella...it looks like we were doing the same thing. I was at Country Gardens checking out Brian Minter's fabulous poinsettia display with camera in hand. He has some that are purple, blue and green...they somehow don't spell Christmas to me! I love the ivory ones...and very deep red.

    Enjoy your day of cleaning...and waiting for that exciting moment to arrive.

  7. no it's not just you... Saturday work does come around very often...
    but in a few days or weeks when your new little grand baby makes his or her arrival... you will forget the Saturday work...knowing that it will always wait for you while you play with the baby!!!

  8. Oh Lovella, the pointsetta's are so pretty. My wee ones were drawing them and painting them with water colors last week.

    I had Saturday work too...just sitting down now to catch my breath and have a cup of earl grey lavendar tea.

    hugs to you
    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  9. I don't know about you, but my Saturday works come more than once a week! Laundry is there nearly every day of the week, along with cooking and clean-up of the kitchen and bathrooms! That's OK tho...I wouldn't change it for the world!
    I love the poinsettias also, but they die too quickly for me, and they are poisonous to the pets, so they are something to admire from afar!

  10. Pointsettas... I love them and I love the new variations... the pinks , the deep wines..and even the added sparkles !!!
    Have a blessed Sunday, Lovella !!

  11. So beautiful! I never really liked poinsettias growing up - which makes no sense seeing as my mom loves them still and had an abundance of them each year. I do love them now and look forward to getting one to make my home look even more Christmassy. Hmmm, becoming more like my mom? :)
    I do love the cart and the barrel but you are right - not so good for the poor plants.


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