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We are overwhelmed with all the love and fuss over our brand new granddaughter.

Thank you so much.

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I'm so blessed to have such a broad spectrum of readers.

Some of you have been grammies for years already.
Some of you are joining in the fun at the same time I am.
Some of you have special memories of grammies in your life.
Some of you are young moms and know exactly what you appreciate in a grammie.
Some of you have a yearning in your heart for the relationship that a grammie gives.

All of you have some wisdom that I can glean from.
My desire is to be wise in my relationship with my grandchild . . .so please share.

To celebrate the birth of lil' miss N . .I am having my first bloggy give away.
Today, I would like to know what your best piece of advice for a new grammie is.

Maybe it's a special verse, or maybe it's a memory . .

I'll add your name to my jar and all comments posted today will have a chance to win
my first ever cross stitch and Cinnamon heart tree ornament.

The contest will close when tomorrows post goes up.

(How is that for scientific . ..I'm a grammie and my rules are a bit loose)

So, please I'll cherish all your bits of wisdom and your favorite quotes and Bible verses.

They will be printed out and saved for future reference.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. wow, congratulations!
    One of my favorite memories is of baking with my Gramma. I am sure your Lil N will have many "bake dates", as she gets older.
    Enjoy her!

  2. Let the parents be the parents and relax when you see them do "something wrong" Your grandbaby will survive with the parents God gave her. Make it comfortable for the parents and grandchild to be around you and you will see them more. Don't smother but love them deeply. Give the new mommy time to release her baby to you. Some new mommies get very possessive. All in all it seems you are well equipped to be the best grammie your side of the border! I'll have to take that roll on this side of the border when God blesses us with a grandchild! I'm feeling the joy with you Lovella. What a precious gift God has given you and your children...

  3. oh dear......pressure is on...........think think think charlotte, you soooo would like to win!!!!
    check later for amazing wisdom and counsel.........from a non

  4. Dear new grammie!
    I think the most important piece of advice I can give is to lay hands on your precious granddaughter and intercede for her every chance you get. In those quiet times when you get to hold her and rock her, remind her of God's Word and His precious promises to them that love and serve Him. Command those guardian angels to surround her and protect her(Psalm 103:20...the angels heed the voice of His Word...and I am the voice of His Word on the earth!). And, of course, just love on her like there was no tomorrow!!! Blessings to you and yours, Lovella! What a privilege it will be to pray for your precious N.


  5. 30 years agos two young brides became friends. That friendship has walked many paths full of wonderful memories and blessing deposits. You and I shared the days of being pregnant together and watching our kids grow up together. In those years we both experienced a generational blessing that we have often talked about. That blessing was parents that prayed for us and Grandparents that prayed for our children. We live each day with the treasured blessings of many prayers that have been answered through the prayers of our parents. We have this great heritage to pass on. Jesus was here! We can give many material gifts to our little ones (and oh the joy that brings too), but to hear them say JESUS is so sweet. Commit to the best gift, the same gift you and I still cherish and benifit from. As of old, may your prayers be as inscents. Oh... and do have fun just getting down on the floor playing and laughing till your pooped out!

  6. This is my first time commenting, even though I have been reading for awhile. I have been checking for the announcement of a grandson, but I wanted to congratulates you on your granddaughter. I am a friend of Bea's from highschool and have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing glimpses of Bea. I don't have much advice, my mind is not at top speed at the moment. I don't think you can go wrong with loving your new granddaughter with a Christ-like love, especially since you desire wisdom in this new chapter of life.
    Blessings for you and your family,
    PS Help with diapers changes are always appreciated, I know that I was overwhelmed at first with the constant changing of diapers.

  7. Maybe just a few things I have appreciated from the grammies to my boys.
    1. To love them SO very much and find everything they do just genius and extra-ordinary! Parents just love people who think their kids are the most special people around!
    2. Pray for them....I love knowing that my children are being prayed for.
    3. Offer to babysit without being asked. This will come later but my favorite phone call will go something like this: We'd like to have the boys over Friday night....why don't you and Keith go out on a date.

    Rather practical advice....but it's what has meant a lot to me. From what I have learned to know about you through your blog I'm sure this is everything you would do anyhow!

  8. How wonderful! A new grammie --- and a granddaughter ---- AWESOME! Get out the sewing machine! It's time for ruffles and buttons!

    Very cool! I'm so delighted, delighted, delighted for you!


  9. So. . .I forgot my piece of advice. Here it is: give a hug and a kiss every day, and an occasional kick in the pants (not literally) when necessary. Mostly grammie's give the hugs and kisses and let the parents take care of the kick in the pants thing. LOL! And be sure you have invested in a good rocking chair. Rocking babies develops brain cells and makes for a smarter child (a true fact; it's been researched). And remember, you can never spoil a child with too much love).


  10. This is easy.... simply do what will come so naturally to you. Love... love... love your little ones to bits. Your lap, with the added hugs and kisses is the safe port in your grandchilds life. It's a place they can land and know everything will be okay. As a grandparent you are given the blessing of being able to love without the job of discipline!
    Love, Grace

  11. Wow Lovella, your counted cross stitch is so cute! Between learning cross stitch, making cinnamon apple hearts and crocheting those receiving blankets, you have been one busy girl.

    How is the blanket that you are making for me coming along?
    I know it will take you quite awhile to crochet around the edge of a queen size flannel blanket, but it is getting colder here now, and I sure could use it.
    Oh, and I hope you were still able to use the really, really fine crochet thread...I thought that was an especially pretty touch!

    (My other tip: Be sure you always spell your grandchildren's names correctly.)

  12. My - you have been given great advice!! I'm storing it all up for future use!

    I would concur with what a number of your readers have already written - pray for your grndchildren - which I know you already will - but it warms my heart when I hear my MIL tell me that she is praying for my children.

    And then love love love your little one. Laugh and play. Bake and sew. And jump in the leaves in the fall, the snow in the winter, dig in the garden in the spring and splash in the water in the summer.

    I know you'll do all that without any trouble.

    And here's some new advice - I don't think anyone has mentioned it yet and you are already a master at it!

    Tell stories - family stories - in the rocking chair with a cookie. It will give your new grandchild such a strong sense of identity - to know where she came from and where she belongs.


    Ooooh, wouldn't I love to win!


  13. Here's some advice that comes from a grammy of six years. Spend time with them...time is a huge gift! Love them without restraint...pray for them constantly. Enjoy every moment, because they grow up way too fast. And spoil them if you want...that's what grammies are for! My munchkins are coming for a sleepover tonight and I'm planning what we can all cram into those few hours.

  14. Hi Lovella,
    I am sure it must be interesting having a little girl after all the boys you have been around all your life. It was the same for my mother-by-love. I met my hubby after my mom had passed away so the fact that his mom was so wonderful was icing on the cake. We joke sometimes that his mom and I picked each other and he was just along for the ride.
    Last year she met one of the little girls we are adopting (the other one wasn´t with us yet) and she made such an impact in such a short time. It has been almost a year and Salomé (who was 2 at the time) still says things that grandma taught her. She sang, played and was just there with her for almost a month. It is amazing what a bond they made despite the language barrier. I am sure you will be wonderful. Blessings. Leana

  15. My Granny was the most wonderful grandmother in all the world! Her most special trait was that I knew that she loved me unconditionally. To her, I was the most beautiful, smartest, most talented girl that had ever been born. Funny thing is, each of my cousins thought they were the smartest, most talented, etc. too! LOL She made each of us feel like we were her favorite. That's the kind of Grammie I want to be when the time comes - love them no matter what!

  16. I had to smile at your request. :) My husband (who is a pastor, and does a lot of counseling) said to me the other day, "We need a good book called, 'How to be a Good Grandparent.'" Being in our 30's ourselves, we can't write one yet.

    Anyway, as for advice, my dear friend Helen, who was like a Grandmother to my children, used to say, "Mummy knows best." And she always followed her own advice, asking my permission for anything involving the children and then respecting and supporting that decision, whether or not she agreed with it. That is definately an attitude that is much appreciated by young mothers.

  17. I have to really agree with Rachel quite a few comments up. Offer to babysit instead of being asked. It is so exciting for the kids and the parents to have the grandparents ask to have the kids. Also when Stuart and Karly come over don't ever say "oh we never see you" or "hello strangers". We got that a lot because it is harder to pop in when you have a baby and when you hear something like that you really don't want to go back anytime soon.

  18. remembering my grandma brings such a rush to my senses: smells of freshly baked cookies, the softness of her hug (she was VERY soft all over!), the special clinking sound that her candy dish made when the lid was pulled off. every bit of memory with my grandma includes her warm smile and open arms. dont be very concerned whether or not you are a "hip" grammie. only be concerned with how huggable you are. :)

    and from the point of view of a daugher in law: don't keep going on about "the way we used to do things". allow your daughters in law to mother your grandchildren the way they see fit!

  19. Lovella:
    I think Heidi is saying that you need to get fat.
    See what you can do about that. The holidays are upon us, and you of all people certainly have the recipes available to make that happen in a jiffy.
    Remember, you've got to have a lap big enough to hold not just one, but two grandbabies. You've got some serious snacking to do.

    (Don't worry; I'm sure you'll still look cute even when you get so big that you have to start wearing those huge grannie panties like the rest of the granny types do. I hear the grandpa types find them to be a real turn on! Whoo hoo!)

  20. My congratulations on your new little girl kitten.

    My tip is to remember that when you carry her, you need to make sure that you bite firmly but gently on the back of her neck BEFORE you start walking around with her.

    Too many kittens have grown up to be weird cats after their mums have dropped them on their heads.
    I think might of been what happened to that cat that you call Tobee.

    Another tip: No one enjoys a boney lap. Grandmas need to be fluffy.

    I sincerely hope that I am the winner of your drawing; I'd like to be able to give it to Blondie for Christmas. Last year she said she was tired of my usual gift of hairballs aside her slippers.

    Best regards;

    Tiggie, FOC

  21. Hmmm...sounds like lots of good ideas have been shared...spend as much time as you can with your grandchildren, when they grow up they have busy lives of their own...this coming from a granny who speaks of experience! Read to them, love them,and best of all pray for them. My grandchildren who all are 15 and older still appreciate hearing that I pray for them every day.
    Grandparenting is loads of fun!!

  22. Rachel always has brilliant advice. I wouldn't have lived through my first few months of living with a newborn without her!
    I agree with all of her points.
    What I was going to say before I read hers and she stole my thoughts..
    The offer of babysitting or just plain helping out in these first months will be priceless to a new mom. My mom came by regularly when Ethan was first born and my MIL still comes to my house once a week to give me a couple hours of freedom. I know that I will never be able to repay either of them and I know they don't expect it so I have put it into my heart that when I get to be a grandma that I will do these things for my children because I know how much it means to me.
    I know that's not really advice and I know I'm rambling but there you have it. I've put in my 2 cents. :)

  23. Lovella- the things I cherished the most from my Nana & Papa was the "time" they were willing to spend with us. They were in the front seat for any school concert or church play that we were in. The camera was always out for kodak moments! And their house was always open for sleepovers and special dinners. oh, another memory- There was always a filled up candy jar on the coffee table ready for little hands to sneak in! I don't think you'll have a problem with any of those things!!!

  24. Thoughts about my Oma...
    - she always brings us homemade goodies...peppermint cookies, chocolate zucchini cake (my favorite), chocolate cookies...the list goes on and on. Even now, living far away from home, she will send along a pail of cookies for us.
    - her home is always welcoming...
    - she is a servant...she does things without complaining.
    - she loved my Opa and stuck by him through thick and thin.
    - she loves Jesus with all her hert.
    - she is a prayer warrior...when miracles happen we always say, "Oma must be praying!"

    I'm know you'll be a great Grammie!!!


  25. Congratulations Lovella!

    When I read your post, I picked up a letter my mum had written me just after my son was born 15 years ago. We lived interstate so mum wasn't really "around" for the first 5 years of his life. Mum's letter was a congratulatory letter with some simple advice. "Cover him with love. Keep love and discipline in balance." As mum passed away when 7 years later, you can imagine how much that letter means to me.

    Not long before mum passed away, my son went on a walk with her around the lake in front of her house and they picked up Autumn leaves together. A few years later we were moving house (after mum had passed away) and a friend helping came across those Autumn leaves. Not knowing, she went to throw them away but my 9 year old son told her not to. He wanted to keep them because of the memory associated with his Nanna.

    Make memories with your granddaughter. Make every moment count. My mum was really 'big' on making memories with her children and grandchildren. :)

  26. Jill is too funny.

  27. My Grandma Schroeder was an amazing Grandma . She's was always loving , never judging, there to listen and she always made sure that she had some special snack from Karlee and i when we'd come over. Like cubed cheese and chocolate. The fact that she always thought about us made us feel so incredibly loved.

  28. There is nothing like watching your own mother hold her grandchildren for the first time. I didn't think that when I handed my first daughter to my mom to hold for the first time that I would feel much but it was like a full circle thing.. i could feel the love for me whenever she held and talked to our daughter. We welcomed our second daughter 3 weeks ago and I can't wait till I can hand her to my mom for the first time. Watching my mom interact with my daughters make me realize how much she loves me.. allow your children to see the love you have for your grandchildren.. then they too will feel love..

  29. I recommend the book, "Exteme Grandparenting...the ride of your life" by Tim and Darcy Kimmell. It's in my house right now. Grandparenting is such a vital and purposeful role - it's just incredible. I'm not finished reading - but I know it's going to be all great!

    My intentions toward my grandchildren are to keep on paying attention - listening to what they say and how they feel. I will enjoy them and laugh with them. I will pray for them and model a trust in God for them. I will love them unconditionally. I wil be patient. I will be creative with them. I will help them know they are important and I will help build hope and confidence into them though my words, attitudes, touch and the way I look at them. I will have all the fun I can and if things get painful or difficult, as they might, my love, my hope, and my prayers will hold strong for Jesus is the author and the finisher of all our stories.

    You will be great at this!


  30. I'll be posting when I have a minute when little Mac goes to sleep tonight. So I hope the deadline is till 12:00pm and that I will still qualify!!!

  31. oh heavy sigh, all the good advice is given and now i'll never
    so let me leave you with a scripture from the living bible....1Corinthians 13:7b...always believe in her, always expect the best of her, and always stand your ground in defending her.
    She won't be a baby very long and it is a harsh world we live in. It will be good for her to know that her grandparents are matter what!!!! from a mom with teenagers (a happy one at that) it really isn't that scary

  32. much good advice. I'm not yet a grammie, but I've been told that could be in my very near future. I have two things to share.

    The first is from memories of my time with my grandmothers. Both taught me to enjoy hand-crafts (crochet, cross-stitch, etc.) and one grandma in particular took us to assist her on her volunteer days at the nursing home, helping the residents with their crafts.

    The second comes from me: use those cuddle moments to begin reading to your little one. Teach her to love to read by making it pleasurable (a cuddle and a soft voice speaking just to you - who wouldn't love it!). I do remember that my grandfather read and wrote poetry and was always quoting it to us. I loved the twinkle in his eye when he spent time with us!

    Enjoy her - reassure her that she is loved and secure. You'll be a marvelous grammie!

  33. Oh Lovella, all the comments you've gotten bring tears to my eyes... so much love! They've also inspired me to reminisce about my Beppe... playing Racko (try saying that with a Dutch accent), sipping gingerale (a huge treat), watching Mary Tyler Moore with her ... again, a huge treat (no tv in our household), sharing stories, knowing she was a safe haven ... we could share things with her that we would never have shared with our parents. Grammiehood really is a gift, isn't it? You will be amazing!

  34. Lovella... all my thoughts about being a good Grandparent have already been spoken... praying for them is #1 -- can never do too much of that ... then just spending time with them.. letting them mess up the house with their games...I had a rule in my house that my granddaughters loved.."You can do anything you like, unless it could hurt you !" They knew the rule well...and threw it back at me one day when I told them it was time for bed!! I had to do some quick thinking ... and that reminds me .. You'll need a quick-time thinking cap for all the questions they will ask !!!
    One of my favorite things to do with my granddaughters -especially when they were little- was telling stories!! "Nanna, tell me a story!" What fun we have had ...and still do !!

    Just enjoy them !! with all your emotions !! that is the best gift you can give them - and yourself as well !!

  35. My advice would be to make sure that each grandchild had assurance that you love them uniquely. Some children are naturally loveable and others take more work. But they notice if you pay more attention to the others than you do to them. I have several people in my life who have experienced this and it is difficult as a parent to stand by and watch that happen and try to explain that to your child .
    I am so happy for you and from the little bit I know of you, those parents are pretty lucky to have you and your husband in this role. Especially ones with such a strong faith.
    Blessings on you. :)

  36. Lovella I am pretty sure that you will be the best grammie that those little grandbabies need. I didn't have a grandma around growing up but I have seen my mother-in-law be the greatest grandma. She has taken part in all their school concerts and grandparent days. She bakes and plays games with them. She gives big hugs and kisses and loves those kids unconditionally and she has always let us do the parenting even when I know she has had to bite her tongue watching. Most importantly, she prays for them and for us. Oh and the offers to babysit...gotta love that!

  37. Tea with my Grandma is my best memory and still is one of my favorite things to do. As a child tea time with Grammie was so special, she gave us a cup of pearly tea which I am sure was pretty much all milk but it was a treat, always made us feel a little more grown up.

  38. I was thinking about stuff today and it occurred to me that we need to love and admonish, repect and encourage the parents of the grandchild.

    Uphold your grandchild's parents to the highest. Don't put our high expectations on the next generation, air on the side of grace and delete criticism and judgment and your own grandkids will feel your loyalty, love and warmth to the whole family.

  39. Okay, I'll respond before I read any of the others and then I'll see what I can glean, being just quite a new Grammy too. I see grandparenting as a "second chance" to correct whatever I did wrong the first time. Something about hindsight...
    And a verse that I think about is "Love covers a multitude of sins." I think of it as, when you love someone as much as you love those grandkids, you can't really go wrong. Not saying you won't make mistakes, but love will always try to make things right.

  40. I'm not a grammie yet, but I'm taking notes from some great ones. I think it's wonderful to create traditions with your grandchildren. My aunt was just telling me that she has her family over every First Advent. There are readings and songs and the lighting of the special star that they hang up in the window. Advent calendars are given to each child, and they all have fun in the kitchen making caramel popcorn together! I have never met you but I know you will be a superb grammie from what I read in your blog. I'll be taking notes from you too. Blessings! Elsie

  41. My grandparents all live in Paraguay and since I've grown up in Winnipeg they haven't been a big part of my life, which I have missed. But I have an adopted set of grandparents in Winnipeg, my Oma & Opa Enns. They are wonderful people who have welcomed me with open hearts and I truly cherish them. My Oma is a woman who cares deeply about her family and shows her love by baking and cooking up a storm. She makes the best crab apple sauce in the world!! There are many things I could say about my Oma, but the thing I like best is just spending time with her and she's always ready and waiting. Being in Germany right now, I miss just popping over and chatting (and always being sent away with something from the freezer :) So my advice is just to spend time with your granddaughter and love on her (and maybe have a treat to send home with her :)

  42. Love them! Simple as that. You're the Grammie, not the Mommy so you can spoil and love and tease and enjoy! So many special times are in store! Have fun!


  43. Thank you everyone so much . .
    I so appreciate all of your input.
    I'm off to draw the name of the winner.

  44. Better late than never...

    Start new traditions just for them!

  45. I know this is late, but I thought I'd add my thoughts anyway. I have a TON of cousins on both sides of my family, so all of us grandkids kind of got lost in the mix and I can't blame my grandparents. My one grandma though, ALWAYS let us know that she was praying for us. I truly believed she prayed for each one of us every day and that meant a lot because it probably took her all day! I don't really think you need advice, though. You will be great!


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