November 10 in shorts

This post has no other value than for me to record that my farmer is outside doing battle with those leaves.
The sun is shining . . .therefore he is wearing shorts.
It is 12 degrees Celsius. November 10 in shorts in Canada. woo hoo.

I'm off to make a pot of coffee and I'll join him in the backyard. (with a jacket on)
All for now . . . .


  1. Lovella,
    the leaves are gone before you got to walk and crunch them... sorry... but I have to agree with your farmer... the yard looks awfully nice with them all picked up..
    and you can enjoy the pretty lawn for a few weeks until the snow starts to fall! :0)

  2. I'm with you Lovella, I'd be wearing a jacket..+12C is not warm enough for shorts, is it?? I guess there are some brave souls..
    You still have leaves on your tree, ours are so totally bare!

  3. My 'wanna-be farmer' was also wearing shorts today! What a beautiful day!
    I have to add that I appreciate your love of coffee! Comfort food in a cup!

  4. Lovella~ Okay, shorts in Canada...I am adding you to my prayer list! Tell your Farmer that he is making me shiver!

    I just ran out after my Silly Bunter(dog), barefoot (in CT -in Nov.) and I reminded myself that shoes are recommended by most Yankees this time of the season.

    Yup, good blog writing material! lol

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  5. It's a man thing. I'm sure of it.

  6. Love your new that what it's called? Looks great!

  7. We've been wearing shorts for the past two weeks...No leaves, no raking, just walking and enjoying the beach. Today we went sailing and found our first humpback whale from Alaska and the first in the season down here...Estactic!!!
    One more week and then we have the fun of cleaning up swampy, dumpy leaves, but then we'll be off to baking ginger snaps very soon. That's our favorite Christmas cookie...TTYL

  8. Good for Terry wearing shorts on a beautiful November day !
    I was talking to a friend down south today and she said they were taking down their pool !!
    Knowing their temperature today was 79' F. I was a little puzzled. I asked "You winterize your pool as soon as the temperature drops below 80'? She responded, "We're NOT going into the pool when the temperatures are in the 70's !!"
    Guess it's all relative, huh?

    I will happily tell her that over here we wear shorts as soon as the weather is over 10'C.


  9. Men in shorts mowning lawns: Nice!
    Men in KILTS mowing lawns: Oh yeah baby!

    It's a start. You go Terry!

  10. You love those fall leaves as much as I do, and probably have as many photos of them too....I try to tell myself, how many photos of leaves do I need? But there's always that next extravagantly colorful and beautiful branch and I can't resist!


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