Miss Ella gets taken down a notch

For those of you kind readers that have been hoping that I'll be posting pictures of me and my new Christmas frock riding around in Miss Ella, I'm posting an update. Originally I was going to begin this post with the original Miss Ella but of course you can go into my archives and see how far she's come (or gone) yourself. I completely understand that this post is of a nature that would not have you coming back again and again but since this blog is also a journal for me, well you'll just have to plod along for today.
I thought that you might be interested in seeing the workbench. When I come in for a cup of coffee the hot rod magazines are laid out and always available for my farmers/hot rod maker's perusal. Every evening he pores over the boxes of magazines that he has collected since we were married. From the time I have known him, Terry has dreamt of making a rod. After nearly 30 years of marriage, I have the privilege of watching him run out to the shop, every spare moment he has.

Miss Ella has recently been taken down a notch or two. You can look at her earlier pictures to see the lofty heights that she fancied herself and that attitude has been adjusted. Notice the rake. (I'm learning the lingo and have been dying to use it a bit) You may think to yourself that she isn't looking all that low yet, ( I wondered this myself, since I have been peering over his shoulder and attending countless rod shows with him and seeing rods nearly scraping the ground). So, once the motor and the rest of the truck is back together, the added weight will make her even lower.

This my friends is the new front end stuff. All the parts have been taken apart, primered, and painted except of course for the brake drum itself. ( I do hope I'm getting this right since I don't have my beloved coaching me at this point)

This is the side view of the Mustang II front suspension. If you are still with me give yourself a hug. Later on today, when the opportunity arises, ask your beloved if he has a mustang II in his truck. (This additional help with making small talk is a bonus for you . .enjoy)

I always smirk at his sign above his odds and sods drawers. First of all, I'd like to actually see someone pay him for something and then have him try to collect on the bad cheque.
It's all good. My beloved is off to the kids place today. They are having the basement carpet installed and my girls and I are off to have our toes looked at. Life is good.
Have a wonderful day my friends, enjoy using your newly acquired lingo.


  1. It's probably a safe bet that my beloved doesn't have a Mustang II suspension in his truck. Of course, I really wouldn't know, but since it's a new Toyota truck, I figure I'm right. In all reality, he wouldn't know the answer to that question either! I'll bet that my big ol' Chevy truck doesn't have one, either!

    It's so nice to see Miss Ella in the process of getting all gussied-up. My dear son would love to be right there helping Mr. T with this project.

  2. I'm in awe...you are learning a second language! No, wait, you also speak low german and probably a little "grammie" too; make that a fourth language!

    Miss Ella that low...I would never have imagined she was that kind of gal.

    By the by, we caught the new Transformers movie on DVD. As B. put it: a movie to show case all the new GM cars and trucks. I never would have noticed if he hadn't pointed that out.

  3. I love your post! most of all I love the fact that you are so happy that your husband is doing something he enjoys and that you are interested in it because you love him (not necessarily because you love hotrods yourself, although I may be wrong). Can't wait to see the finish product!

  4. Can't say the lingo helps me any but I still like the update on Miss Ella...she'll be one fine truck!
    My hubby has an old tractor he'd like to restore someday.

  5. My boy is all about books and music - unlike his brothers who are all about trucks and bikes :) Anyway, I am trying to notice the "rake" but I don't know what to look at! Rake - is that the lowness? I live next door to a car lover and LK and I enjoy taking with him. You do display a lovely sharing of interest with your man. Good all round.

  6. Oh let me explain further. The rake Kathy, is the way it sits. The back of the truck is slighter higher than the front. (I think).

  7. Back higher than the front? So it won't be Hispanic Low rider style? So we won't need to ask
    ¿Cómo se dice en español "Terry"?

    I'm picturing Terry and the truck like John Travolta and the movie Grease now. You could be the Stockard Channing character! Whoohoo!

  8. I so know what you are talking about! You see, I too am married to a "motorhead". In our case, it is a 1966 Corvette we call Mistress Blue. MY DH decided that a Corvette was a much better buy than a "mistress" in the long run! I would say he is correct!

  9. miss ella is starting to look pretty perky........i could use an overhaul lile that.........second thought that could be painful.;-)

  10. I don't anything about truck restoration but look forward to seeing Miss Ella in all her splendour!

  11. It looks like 'she's' coming right along. You'll have to come cruising down the valley once 'she's' ready for the road...and stop by for coffee.

  12. Well when Dear gets home he gets to really be the one to enjoy this post for sure! Enjoy your toe trip!

  13. Many wives should be so lucky as to be treated as well as Miss Ella... Can't wait to see her in all her glory...although I suspect for your Mr. T the joy is in the process!

  14. Very good of you to take such an interest in something that would otherwise not be interesting to you. It shows selflessness and true love which I always knew you had anyways.

    My guy has never been into cars or trucks or mechanic stuff but our oldest son really is. I should show him about Miss Ella, he would like her.

    Hope your toes turned out good. Is that in getting ready for having the babies?

    Have a great weekend.


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