mini stitch

Hey . ..
I'm just working on a little something . ..
In a few days . . .I'll finish it up.
Today, I have a refrigerator to clean and a cutlery drawer that's calling my name.
Have a great day my friends.


  1. So did you take this photo with one hand also? Have a fun day & be sure to get out and enjoy the sunshine!

  2. Neat job on the cross stitch, Lovella.
    I just cleaned my cutlery drawer a few days ago, will try to keep it neat...I always say that! As for the fridge, now that needs my attention oftener.
    I'm off to a mtg this afternoon.

  3. Very nice, Lovella. I enjoy doing cross-stitch so much, but never seem to find the time to finish the projects I've started.

  4. Okay, you are making me feel, guilty and lazy with your cleaning. Maybe when you're done you could come over here. I do think my home is clean, it's just those places behind closed doors I have a problem with. You know, the fridge, microwave, drawers, etc.

    Well have a great day.

  5. looks like a cute and christmasy project you are working have spurned me on to clean my is the time to do it before i go grocery shopping and stuff it full again. have a great day. oh by the way what kind of cake did you bake yesterday and where are the pictures of your beloved mr.t enjoying it? bet it was yummy as usuall.....not a schmoo torte....have you tried it yet. one of my clients told me that is has become one of their family christmas traditions to have a schmoo torte and i gave her that recipe about 11 years ago. i had no idea that i was making it that long.

  6. Wow! you sure have some power. I just cleaned my cutlery drawer and my microwave. I decided though that I'm not going to let anyone make me do something I don't want to do. So I'm going to procrastinate some more about the fridge.

  7. Oh boy, the drawer has been cleaned and I realized I needed to do some office work but . . now I'm going to clean my fridge before the rest of you beat me to it.
    Charlotte, I haven't made the schmoo torte yet but I will and I'll be sure to post it.
    Yesterday's cake was a vanilla with whipped cream and custard layers.
    I forgot to take a pic.

  8. Lovella, your ambitous cleaning surge has me wondering if this is what happens to awaiting grandmothers. Hmm... now, I do have a question, all of this hand sewing is beautiful, but if I recall, ... didn't you get a fantastic sewing machine last Christmas that can do some of this for you? Okay, I know, its not the same.
    By the way, great macro pictures! Is it with the cute tripod you own and a timed setting? You're amazing!

  9. You announce you are going to clean your refrigerator and cutlery drawer and eight (OK, NINE1) people comment?
    I am laughing my fanny off.
    You go girl!

  10. I love, love, love cross stitch!!! Beautiful!


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