making decorations and our chick guy

Yesterday morning I set about starting my gingerbread ornaments.
I had my apples in the pot to make applesauce . .. .(this recipe is a very good way to use up apples)

I was already in process when Rob our friend and chick salesman popped by for a cup of coffee.

He immediately noticed the smells of something good going on. I produced a hot cup of coffee and a few frozen gingersnaps.
He asked me what I was making . ..
I asked him what he brought me . ..

I assured him these were cookies he would not want to eat.

I think I may be the last kid on the block to make these but I thought I would tell you how I did it regardless.

Very simply

I used equal parts of homemade applesauce (I'm sure bought is fine)
with equal parts last years cinnamon/cloves/ginger
I used 2 cups of each spices/applesauce

The largest amount of spice was cinnamon but if you want to toss your old cookie spices before you begin your Christmas baking . . .well, toss them in here.

I then added a good 1/4 cup of white glue. I didn't measure.
I mixed this up and added a wee bit of water a little at a time until I could form it into a ball.
I kneaded it for a few minutes, while visiting with the boys.

Rob told me he brought me this nice calendar. I told Rob it didn't fit into my kitchen.

He said, well, do what you want with it.
I said well, it looks like it could make a good surface safer.
It seemed like it had a bit of a plastic surface on it.
He said . . go for it.
I have more in the truck.

So, I rolled the fake dough about 1/4 inch thick. and cut out my heart shapes.
I then used a straw to make the holes to hang the ribbon through.

Then I put them on parchment and let them dry for a few hours.
They seem to want to curl so I kept turning them over.
After a while, I decided to put them in the oven at 170 degrees.
I continued to turn them every half hour.
I left them in their for several hours.

Last night I started to tie the ribbons through.
Our house has the sweet smell of cinnamon, even this morning.

I'm starting a new label for these under recipes.
I wouldn't want anyone trying to feed these to anyone.

Have a great day my friends, I'm tying ornaments wasting time.


  1. I sure wondered for a second or two what on earth you were making, first with all those spices, and then, the GLUE!! Then I remembered you were going to demonstrate how to make gingerbread ornaments. The hearts are just lovely. And I never would have figured out by myself to tie them that way with the bows on the fronts of the hearts - it's really clever! Beautiful.

  2. Good one Lovella I have forwarded this to some of my work comrades I am sure they will get a laugh. I really like your blog I can see why you get so many hits. Thanks for the cookies and coffee yesterday.

    Rob your chick guy.

    P.S Next time i'll bring you a pen.

  3. Very nice Lovella. I really like the way you tied the ribbons. Such a crafty little one you are.

    Have a good day.

  4. Love them! I'm going to have to try that recipe. Bring on Christmas!

  5. I'm glad you included all the instructions and pictures. I've never made them yet, but it would be fun to. I love the smell of cinnamon and spices.

  6. So creative, very pretty and such a fun post!!
    But as I was reading, I was wondering...
    What would have happened had you just taken your 'gingerbread cookies' out of the oven and you stepped out of the kitchen for a few minutes, JUST when Terry brought Rob in and the boys decided you wouldn't mind if they sampled your obviously Christmas baking.....
    oh dear - moral of the story.... don't leave these alone in the kitchen until the ribbons are on !!!

  7. Or perhaps you could index them under "Zero Calorie Treats."

    Wonder if inside dogs would leave them alone?

    Very cute project. Cute chick guy too. Wonder how he deals with being called the chick guy.

  8. I can imagine that your house smelled divine...cinnamon and ginger will do that.
    Nice pic of Terry and the chick guy!!
    I noticed you now know how to "strike out" mistakes in your post. You are right, it does look neat! I like it...

  9. Your chick guy Rob is my cousin!Small world!

  10. very small world... he's my cousin too :)

    Your cookie ornaments are beautiful and I bet they smell great too!

  11. Oh hey, you learned how to cross out words. That is pretty cool.

  12. Your ornaments are beautiful! I love the ribbon designs you added to them. I really like applesauce-cinnamon ornaments because they last for so many years! I like to keep some hung up in my pantry --- they last forever and make things smell SO good! One year a friend gave me a new batch of them and she'd glued tiny jingle bells on each one along with a ribbon.

    Love that rolling board! Very cool! Tell the chick salesman that all your friends want one too! LOL!

    :) LaTeaDah

  13. Now that looks like a craft that even I can do!! Thanks Lovella.


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