Lest we forget

Remembering those who died serving so that we can fly our flag.
Remembering those parents that said good bye to their sons and daughters who never returned.
Remembering those who innocently have died because they live in a war torn country.
Remembering those children who's parents won't be able to tuck them in because war is separating them.
Today, I pray for peace in the world.
It seems too big to ask.
I pray that leaders will seek the wisdom of the Almighty.
Even that seems too big to ask.
I pray that my faith will increase.
It will.
And we can be confident that he will listen to us whenever we ask him for anything in line with his will
1 John 5 : 14.


  1. I join you in thanking and thinking all the people who serve in the military... and for all those families who have lose loved ones in the service of their country...

  2. all i can say is..............amen

  3. I too say Amen to what you posted Lovella!
    I'm thankful for the freedom that we now have..many have died so that we can enjoy this freedom.
    We had a time of prayer at 11 am in our church this morning.

  4. We were reminded this morning in church - we serve a God who does the impossible!

  5. May we, and future generations, never forget.

  6. Amen, Lovella...
    And may we remember that all our freedom is a gift from God... may we never take it for granted nor forget those who live under oppression.

  7. Amen, Lovella. Sunday was a beautiful day of remembering for us, too.

    I'm in Kentucky (still on vacation) and finally had an opportunity to catch up on your blog. I love the new hat (it looks fab on you!) and the cookie recipe will be tried in my kitchen - Doc and Ryan would love some cookies for Thanksgiving.


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