got flannel?

The frost is here. This morning getting out of bed was a little harder . ..

For a few weeks now, I've heard . . .where's the flannel?
So, yesterday I got out the flannel.
Odd isn't it how life switches . .
I was the one that needed the flannel warmth at night.
Now I don't.
He does.
I'm happy to oblige.
I smiled as I looked outside and saw the crisp frost kissing the last of fall.

Last night I heard . . .
"this stuff is like velcro . .
I can't turn" . .

This morning it was light when we woke.
Different from the last few days when I'm awake early looking outside at the dark morning.
We're ready for our Canadian winter.
Sleeping like babies . . .
Big sigh.

Have a wonderful day my friends, I'm off to bake a cake . . .


  1. What cozy bedding, Lovella and just right for this weather.
    It sure was chilly(-13C) on our walk this morning so we picked up the pace to keep warm.
    Baking is so fun on days like this..I'm still contemplating what I want to bake...

  2. I love the frosty, chilly mornings, and I love sleeping wrapped up in cozy flannel. Unfortunately, our temperatures are pretty warm today (80 degrees Fahrenheit). I'm doing my Thanksgiving baking, and I had to turn the air conditioner down to cold just so I would feel up to baking and preparing the turkey for the oven.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. Oh your bed looks so lovely and cozy with fir tree flannels and the red and white checked blanket!!

    I love flannel but ever since my internal temperatures have heated up (hot flashes!), flannel and I have had to part ways. If I could only figure out a way to have it for my poor hubby's side of the bed!

  4. Oh what nice wintery bedding. It looks so cozy.

    I too have a cake in the oven.

    Have a great day.

  5. Those are pretty sheets! I love my flannels in winter. My brother passed along some flannel sheets to us years ago after using them once. He told us that he put his back out just trying change positions at night :)

  6. your bed looks sooo cozy and comfy...did you make your red checkered know what they say about red or purple in the bedroom....wink wink....
    you are right winter is here and i am still going bearefoot, i guess it is time for socks, like betty r said it was -13 and i was walking without my socks today..i won't be doing that again anytime soon....have a great day my friend

  7. Very cozy indeed! I didn't know I needed flannel sheets, until I saw your blog. (Haven't had any since we got a king size bed a few years ago!)

    So how did the cake turn out...will we be seeing it anytime soon?

  8. I love your description of the frost kissing the leaves. Beautiful.

  9. I'm with Vicki right now...air conditioning to just get a little cool going for baking...but a cold front and thunder outside is hinting for big changes.

    I loved the kissing...

    Do you have a secret to keep flannel sheets from pilling over the years? Flannel jammies too...drives me crazy! I gave up; life is too short to shave sheets and jammies.

  10. No secret except good quality for the pilling and um . . . .. the flannel is the pajamas Jill.

    wink wink

  11. The frosty red leave is just beautiful! I had to giggle at the "velcro" comment about the flannel sheets, which are very cute, by the way, and Christmasy with those trees.

  12. Perfectly said! Great pictures of the frost ~ we just run in the dark, shower, have breakfast and head for work. The wonders of the morning are lost to us yet we know they are there as they crunch under our feet. Thanks for showing us!
    And you have excellent theme sheets! Speaking of sleeping like babes,... ????

  13. Great pictures Lovella!

    We love flannel at our house!!
    For those who don't have any... watch for sales after Christmas. We picked up sets for us and the kids after Christmas last year at 75% off the regular price at one of the larger dept. stores.

  14. No wonder I haven't been sleeping! We haven't switched to flannel yet! I will put that on my Saturday to do list :)

  15. Talking about flannel.
    I guess we both are talking about the same material only with different perspectives.

    Isn't if fun to decorate a bed?
    I still have my Hawaii set on because I still want to dream about the warm sunny days and pretend they will last for ever.
    So I just put my colorful boogie board in my bed room to keep the mood going strong.

  16. Cozy bed. I love bedding - I could have 6 sets. This was an exceptionally beautiful fall day - crisp and sunny. Very good for the soul.

  17. Your bedding is so much fun and so cozy looking. Who doesn't just love to crawl into a freshly made bed! I'm lovin' the crisp mornings. Makes that first cup of AM java taste so bed of course:)Kathy

  18. Hip hip hoorey! I'm here in Washington enjoy the frost nipping at my nose!!

  19. Hi! I got down our big quilt last night for Doris. Woke up to minus 17 yesterday morning. Had frost too. This morning it was only minus 12. No frost. But we still have snow on the ground. Enjoy your "winter"! :-)

  20. oh that's one thing i haven't done yet switched over to flannel. There's something about flannel sheets for winter and your are soo cute.

  21. This is actually the hardest time of year for me to be a house sitter. Sometimes I miss not putting out my own decorations for Christmas b/c they're all in storage. And having my own bedding would be nice sometimes, too. I'll just have to admire yours. :)


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