the bad boy goes Christmas shopping

Here is the thing, I'm married to a bad boy.
He pretends to be good but sometimes he just pushes the envelope.
Last night we went on our weekly date to Walmart to do some
Christmas shopping.
Admittedly we were in a bit of a hurry on the way home.
We even decided to put fuel in the car today instead of last night, since we were a bit pinched for time. The Office was due to start in a bit less than the allotted time it would take us to travel from Walmart back to our bungalow in the country.

My beloved has gloated more than once in the past several years that he has not met unfortunate circumstances with his bend towards travelling with excess gasoline consumption.
Last night, his good fortune ran out.
I sat beside the bad boy as the peace officer did his duty.
We made some small talk, partly of which I asked for posting permission for today.
I also made small talk about how my camera is always at home when it is needed.
We chit chatted about the boys and how he appreciated his Christmas gift last year and perhaps they would purchase another for vehicle number 2.

When the peace officer came back from filling out the "long form " as my beloved affectionately called it. (the short form is referred to as the preferred warning ticket) The peace officer thanked my good man for his cooperation.
That's Terry, just trying to give back a little. (like the commercial)
As we started to complete the short distance home, my beloved handed me the "long form" and asked me to please take care of it for him.
Done . .. and done.
We went home for a snack.
So, about that Christmas shopping.
We had such fun.
This weekend is the deadline for getting our Christmas shoe boxes filled at our church.
There is a huge shipping container parked out back on our church yard and we are busy filling it to send over seas.

Every year we like to pick a different age group and this year we decided to fill our boxes for little boys age 2 to 4.
Very fun.

If you haven't heard about this program, you can check out the website and perhaps your family can also become involved. It's a great example to our children that they will continue to be involved in when they start their own homes.

Have a wonderful day my friends, I'm off to pay a bill . ..($25 saving if paid within 30 days)
. . .still smiling . . .


  1. Oh shoot eh?

    We did a shoe box too for each of our kids. We do the age group that each of them are in themselves so then they can pick out what they would like. Very fun.

    Have fun paying your bill.

  2. Corinne, that is such a good idea to let your kids fill their own age level. I love that. I actually wanted to fill for babies but their was no category for that.

  3. funny, those bad boys once in awhile they do get caught.....oops.

    i love doing the shoe boxes our kids also did the age and boy girl thing.........such fun, not only that it makes you feel good.

  4. Lovella, I am shocked, just SHOCKED I tell you. You seemed like such a nice girl too, how ever did you hook up with such a hoodlum?

    I hope his mother finds out...I'll bet she will be fit to be tied and will give him a proper earful on her next visit. Afterall, isn't that what mamas are for?

    A boy is never to old to listen to his mother!
    (And I did notice that you guys have a radar detector in your vehicles. Just remember to always ask...WWJD?)

  5. I'm surprised he didn't try to sweet talk his way out of it. I would have.......(ahem, not that I'm saying that from experience or anything, *gasp*, *sputter*, *avert guilty eyes*)

  6. Oh dear !!
    I think , in fact I am sure (smile) there is a verse in the bible that says, "Be sure your sin will find out out!"
    Why is it we all speed but it doesn't count until we get caught!!! smile
    I really hate those 'close encounters' with our friendly police !! and I do love the warnings... I have smiled sweetly on a couple of occasions and managed to drive away with the 'short form'.
    But hey,you did save $25.00 today right??

    Samaritans purse is a wonderful program... I love it and filling the boxes for the ages of my grandkids really helps to know what to buy. Too bad they don't have a baby catagory.

  7. typo correction -- find YOU out!!

  8. I have had the priviledge of being on both sides of the Christmas boxes. I filled them for a number of years and now being in Argentina we have seen children recieve the boxes on a couple of occasions. It is quite the experience to see the kids receive their boxes. I even got to be with Franklin Graham when he handed out Christmas boxes here. It was quite fun. My brush with celebrity. I even got to translate for him a bit.

    For all your readers I would like to suggest that they don´t forget to do boxes for the older kids. They always seem to run out of those ones. Also many times candy didn´t fair so well. Just suggestions. Blessings to all who fill boxes.


  9. Bad boy actually allowed you to post this a..a "unfortunate mishap"??
    I like filling shoe boxes for the older age group for Samaritan Purse.

  10. Leana, thank you for the other side of the story. That is so neat. Also, thank you for the reminder of filling for older kids. I usually do, but this year, I'm only seeing little things.

    Betty, yup, he just knows how much I love good material. What a guy.

    Julie, I just smiled at your comment.

  11. Oops. I like Julie's remark that speeding doesn't count until you get caught. So far, so good...but I'm not holding my breath.

    I, too, love filling the Christmas Child boxes. I don't have young children to buy for any more, and this gets my Christmas shopping off to a good start. (I think my son would appreciate having a little knocked off his car expense bill for his Christmas gift this year!)

  12. Thanks for the reminder! I guess I only have 2 days to get my shoeboxes filled!


    You have a better than 50% chance of winning the case and the worse case scenario would be what you have NOW!

    Hey, I would even represent you!! :o)


  14. I haven't filled my boxes yet either! I better get to it!
    Sorry to hear about the ticket! That is not a fun way to end the week!

  15. Samaritan's Purse does many wonderful thing for people around the world. They also have a Christmas catalog where you can contribute to chickens or cows or goats, building supplies, etc, etc. Our church does the shoe boxes too.

  16. looks like you had filling the shoeboxes!

    I also got a speeding ticket yesterday. Have not had one in a long time!! shoot! i am also banking on that 25 dollars of savings..

  17. Of course the "Bad Boy" knew he just finally got caught... that's why he took it so well...But at least he caught the tickets on Sale... they were going at $25.00 off if purchased today weren't they? :0)

    the Samaritans purse gift boxes are truly a great thing...

  18. Oh oh!!! My bad boy managed to get away with just a little warning here in the wide open dessert of AZ. He didn't think speed limits would apply!


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