The B&B office tree

This is the third tree of six that is up at the B&B. Imagine struggling through your emails, paying bills, and all the while having this twinkle in front of the window in your office?
This tree is laced with ribbons, lace branches and touches of deep red.

The hibiscus flowers are set among the branches . ..

Have a wonderful day my friends.
I'm in the mood to Christmas shop.


  1. The tree is lovely, just like the others. I can't wait to see yours!!

  2. What a beautiful tree..the hibiscus flowers add a very nice touch! Did you help decorate the tree?
    Have fun shopping! I'm thinking you'll be coming home with 2's of things!!

  3. I really like the botanical elements. It is a gorgeous tree; you are right, office work would tend to be ignored in favor of gazing.

  4. Me, too! I've been in the Christmas shopping mood for several days...I think I'll go tomorrow.

    The tree is absolutely gorgeous. I don't think I'd get anything done if I had that beautiful tree to stare at all day.

  5. Oh what a beautiful tree!! May everyone who gazes at it be filled with the beauty of the Christmas season and especially the One who is still the reason for it !!!

  6. what a beautiful, peaceful looking tree. have fun shopping.........i happen to be done. yay me!!! i don't like the crowds, only to people watch and not stress about gifts......i look forward to seeing the rest of the trees. i bet they are all elegant.

  7. ahh, Christmas shopping and decorating...
    fun times
    the office tree is gorgeous.

  8. Beautiful! Do they have an open-house at your B&B? It looks like a good place to go for ideas. Have a fun day!

  9. I'm back in the saddle. What beautiful trees. It must be so much fun working their and watching all the results happen. (you are probably the results person)

    Did you get a new puppy? I tried to find out about Tobee's origins.

    I loved your Trucks accessories story..It won't be long

  10. That is a beautiful tree. I really like the flowers. I might need to find some for our tree.

    About the Christmas shopping, the malls are already so packed and then there is only 2 or 3 check-outs open. I did most of my shopping last weekend in the USA. We stayed 3 nights in Lynnwood and had a great time.

  11. marg . .Tobbee is Stuart and Karlee's puppy. He technically our grandpup.

    Corinne, shopping in Lynnwood . .ooohh how fun, and smart to do it now.

    Judy, they certainly don't mind lookie-loos.

    Betty, I don't help with the tree decorations, I just watch .. how fun.

  12. wow what a lovely tree sooo pretty. I was watching a program tonight that had Debbie Travis on and she said bows are out this year for christmas trees and flowers, birds , and butterflies are in. I think i might do butterflies. I love the flowers on that tree!

  13. Now that is an office after my own heart :)


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