B&B country tree

As I promised, here is the second of the six trees that warm up the B&B during the Christmas season. This tree can be found up at the top of the west winding staircase. It makes the already cozy sitting room for the guests even more inviting.

The little angels are nestled amongst the plaid ribbon which is twirled throughout the tree.

These wooden angels are possibly my most favorite ornament of all.
Simple and beautiful.

I've pulled out my recipe for gingerbread ornaments this morning and I may start to bring some sugar and spice into our bungalow.
If you could describe the style of your decor for Christmas, what would it be?
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Hi Lovella. Another lovely tree. Do all six trees get set up all at once or are they spaced out throughout the season? The decor for our Christmas tree originated from you. I remember years ago when you had a tree decorated in white and I just loved it so that is how ours has been decorated lately. Sometimes I add a bit of red but I tend to love the white the best. Thank you for your great decorating ideas.

  2. O Christmas Tree! this one is great...my style hmm I'll have to show you in December when I get home and decorate in Seattle. Like everything else though, it's probably eclectic!

  3. Some lovely pictures! Do you mind sometime telling the B&B connection -- since I'm a new reader. I'm guessing the B&B is run by some relatives? :)

  4. Corinne, wow, what a compliment thank you. Since there is so much decorating up at the B&B the gal that does it starts early and slowly all the trees are done. The last tree to be finished is the one live tree in the great room.

    heather, the connection to the B&B is really good friends. If you wish to email me I'll send you the link to the B&B and you can check it out.

  5. Very nice...bringing in the Christmas season already!

  6. Our Christmas decor this year will be --- the messy part of installing a new kitchen. So, we will be escaping to the southwest for photographs and relatives instead. This year the Christmas decor will stay boxed up, awaiting next year's decorating. :)

  7. My style of decorating our Christmas tree is country...I love the plaid ribbons, gingerbread people in all shapes and forms, pine cones, birds, little birdhouses and such..oh and a few old ornaments without any theme find there place on the tree too.
    Gingerbread cookies..they do make the house smell so good! We had "crumbles of snow" last night and so today I am seriously thinking of starting my Christmas baking! The tree is coming up tonight.

  8. I'm a die hard Victorian. You know me, Lovella... I find something I really like and I keep it for life...
    I'm the same way with people !!

  9. Since moving to Houston I'm a gold and crystal Christmas decorating type gal. Son Jeff visited with us on our first Christmas here and said the multicolored home made decorations didn't look right...and herded me off to buy white lights and golden balls for the tree.

    I have to admit, Tiggie does look awfully handsome in pictures with that color tree decoration in the background. It IS all about the cat around here!
    Someday when there are little human ones around to enjoy I'm bringing out the home made stuff again.

  10. I love seeing everyone elses trees! I am not sure what my Christmas style is...in my head it's a lot different than what I actually have!

  11. this year my tree is going to be a mix of homemade and country.
    wow i really love that tree so pretty.

  12. We have now entered into what is my absolute favorite time of year. I am ga-ga over Christmas. Every bit of it. The corny music, the holy music, the silver bells, the twinkling lights, the homemade ornaments, the sweet smells coming from the kitchen. Keep it coming, Lovella!


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