Turkey Borscht

What did you do with your carcass?
I'll spare you the pictures of mine.
After Thanksgiving or Christmas is over I always debate what to do with the Turkey "remains".
We've tired of the turkey rice soup and the carcass has occasionally been left to rest.
This year I put the carcass in a large pot.
I just barely covered it with water.
I brought it to a boil and then simmered it for several hours.
I removed the bones . .let them cool a bit . ..removed the turkey meat and added that back to the pot.
I made little bag of spices. (using cheesecloth)
1 teaspoon of pepper corns
5 cloves
1 star aniseed
1 bay leaf
4 allspice
1 teaspoon chili flakes ( we like a bit of spice)
I wrapped these in cheesecloth and tied it with kitchen string and added it to the pot.
I also added
1/2 teaspoon of maggi seasoning sauce
I let that simmer for half an hour.
I added
3/4 cup of brown rice
1 small bag of ready made cut coleslaw cabbage
5 diced carrots
You could leave out the rice and add potatoes
I let this simmer for another half hour.
I added
one can of tomato soup
I handful of fresh dill
salt to taste . .I added about 1 teaspoon.
I simmered it until dinner was served an hour later.
In the meantime I made some biscuits that I'll show you another day.
Terry really quite liked it and said I should make it again.
Really . . .that's what I aim for.
I'm off to the B&B for some baking.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. I always use the left over turkey carcas for soup and it makes wonderful soup..I can always use another recipe...
    Thank you ! for being so generous in sharing your tried and true recipes that make your mouth water just reading them.

    Have fun at the B&B !

  2. That looks worth trying out! I usually make a turkey/corn chowder with my leftovers, but maybe next time...
    I must say you have the perfect serving bowl.

  3. Mmm...that soup looks so good! And the perfect bowl!
    I love turkey leftovers...I can eat it for days on end!!

  4. Mmmmm! That looks really good! I love it when you post recipes!

    I think you will make a wonderful Grammie! How exciting to have 2 grandbabies coming! Congratulations!

  5. Someday I hope I'm as thrifty with a turkey carcass as you!! That does look quite easy to make. I really need to make more meals like that. I always feel so rushed and unprepared when making meals and if I do feel inspired to be creative, I'm always missing a few of the ingredients. Maybe one day you could do a post on necessities for the kitchen. Must haves for Moms! Let us know what's in your cupboards! Have a great day Grammie!

  6. I'm making a copy of this for use with our Thankgiving turkey next month. Always fun to have a new take on T-soup.

    I curious though. What recipe do you use for your left over weiners?

  7. Sounds good - I like the idea of the coleslaw - I never thought of adding that to soup.

  8. I'm not really one for borscht but I do love soups of most every other kind. I just used broth I had left over from boiling ribs and made soup for supper tonight. So good.

    Jill - for leftover wieners, you can always add them to Kraft Dinner. My kids think I'm the greatest when I give them that.

  9. Your recipes look so good. I was looking for a good paska recipe and enjoyed looking at all the recipes. Have you ever made Gruner Borscht (not sure of the spelling)
    Start with smoked ham with bone, later you add salt, onion, potatoes, spinach or sorrel, dill, just before serving add chopped boiled eggs and sour cream. One of my favorite soups.


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