Papa Smurf

The last couple of days we've been waiting until after T&B leave for work and then we sneak into their house and make ourselves at home.
I've finished blankie number one and I've started on a little yellow one. I went and bought a little thicker crochet cotton and so I think this one may go a bit quicker.

I brought along my new heavy pot that I bought at Costco. I thought I would try making a pot roast in it.
The recipe is from the Fine Cooking magazine, and it is fabulous. I've made it now twice and perhaps I'll make it three times.

Don't adjust your set.
I went downstairs to check on Papa Smurf from time to time and bring him a cup of coffee.
The mudding is done and he's moved onto the sanding. It's a dusty job.
He finished it yesterday and now T can paint the ceilings and give the walls a coat of primer before we come back to spray the ceilings.
The most exciting news today is that we have a storm approaching. Winds are due to pick up and the rain is coming.
Woo Hoo. My candles are ready and let the fun begin.
Have a wonderful day, and thank you all so much for your kind words on my anniversary post. I'll be by to visit you all real soon.


  1. Your blanket edgings look so good!! Your babies may not care now if their blankies have a crocketed edge on them but one day...many years from now..they will finger them and think "My Grammie did this for me!"

    Hey, I can smell your pot roast..and since I know where you are... hmmmm...

    Poor Papa Smurf ..that is one thankless job... The love of parents for their kids!!

    Your candle photo is beautiful. But I'm not sure about the was supposed to come in at 3:00am...and I see only a breeze.... but we shall wait and be prepared !!

  2. Pot roast cooking, candles burning, storms outside and coziness inside.

    My idea of fun too!

  3. Love your new pot. I'm sure there will be lots of comfort food created with it! Blessings...

  4. Lovely blankets Lovella. And way to go Terry. You are so handy. What a nice thing for your kids that you know how to do so many around the house jobs. So Lovella, you had supper waiting for your kids when they came home from a hard day at work? What a wonderful mom you are.

    I too am waiting for the storm. Weather really affects Rudy's job so he doesn't get excited at all about storms. Rather quite worried. I wish he could enjoy them like the rest of us do. Well the rain has started but so far no typhoon winds.

  5. I am without internet so I missed your anniversary. Just wanted to say congratulations and thank you. I am one who reads everyday and your blog has been such a blessing to this girl who is so far from home. Your pictures warm my heart and are wonderful reminders of home. You have encouraged me time and time again and just overall blessed my heart. Hope we can meet the next time we come home. So excited for your grandbabies. You will be wonderful.

  6. Hey that Papa Smurf..he's one handy guy! Need more of those around!!
    Yummy looking pot roast..I also love the pot you're cooking it in.
    Candle with the berries...oh it looks so inviting and cozy..think I'll go light a candle now.
    It's raining and dreary here.. I know we do need this nice soaker in autumn.

  7. I love the baby blankets! What beautiful gifts and treasures they will be.

  8. Mr. T aka Papa Smurf ... how clever is he? And you also, of course. Who else would make blankies and have dinner ready and waiting for everyone? I keep waiting for that storm too ... I've got the candles ready, I've plugged in the corded phone - if it does hit, we'll just be missing the warmth of a fire.

  9. Pass it on....Your're a good Dad to your kids Terry! Soon you will go from mudding and painting to diapers and play dough. Oh what fun you will have Grandpa. Kathy:)

  10. Watching the Weather Channel at work. Light rain falling in your area, and perfect sweater/snuggle weather.
    The blankets: adorable! Do have some take a picture of yourself working on each of them...that will be a such a treasure generations from now to hand down along with the blankets.
    I am expecting you to get busy and send some of the cold air down here, especially if you expect me to send warm air up there come Feb. It does work, my buddy Gail has done it for me from Colorado!


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