mudding and making

Yesterday we set off to work and play. We enjoyed the beautiful drive with the mountains boasting their fall display. I dropped Terry off at his job for the day and then I ventured off for a tutorial.
Remember when you arrived at someones house and they came out to the drive to greet you? It was almost as if they had been watching out the window . . .just to make you feel welcome.

That is just how I felt when I arrived at my cousin Julie's house. She met me on the driveway and greeted me with a hug. You might want to give that a try sometime. We don't often get to see Julie in action. We generally can find her on her devotional blog where she takes the simplest of examples to give us a perspective that turns our eyes to God. What she doesn't tell us is that she is incredibly gifted with her hands. She is an amazing seamstress and teacher.

Our extended family is experiencing a sudden baby boom and I've become a great auntie to two sweet baby boys in the last week. Between the ones still to arrive and my own grammiehood on the horizon, I wanted to learn how to crochet around receiving blankets.

What I learned is that my small motor skills have digressed in the last years . . .not good. Julie however was very patient and kept encouraging me and this morning I'm happy to report that I've now completed the first anchor round. She tells me that a blanket can be completed in three hours. Uh huh . . .sure.
Thank you Julie for teaching me . . .thank you for using your gifts to inspire and help others. Julie's blog is as welcoming as her home . .. .click here to visit her. Be inspired.
Later on I went to observe some more mudding. Terry has been in the process of teaching his sons all they need to know for the last 28 years. On the way home yesterday . . he felt quite sure that the training is going good and the end is in sight.

The only thing that was missing from six out the the seven hours of training was the son. Apparently they have to go to work to make ends meet. There's an idea.

So that was yesterday .. . Terry was teaching and helping and I was learning and being helped. I felt that was a good balance.
Today, I'm waiting for a repairman and I'll likely spend a few frustrating hours trying to figure out where my picasso pictures went again. Crazy computer.
Have a great day my friends.


  1. Oh, THAT kind of mudding. Good skill to have. Along with crocheting of course. Do you knit? I'm always impressed when folks can both knit and crochet. Usually it is one or the other.
    Hope you find your pictures...yipes!

  2. Aww.. Lovella, I loved having you over yesterday... and am pleased to hear you have completed the foundation round!! Good for you...
    any time you are ready to knit baby things...come on over!!!

  3. I am extremely challenged in the area crafts - I don't think it can be fine motor skills since I can play the piano and harp.

    There are no grandbabies on the immediate horizon for me but maybe I should get going. I think I would need more than 9 mos to get my little blankies finished. I would certainly appreciate a cousin Julie :) You're blessed!

  4. I don't sure looks like a beautiful autumn in your corner, too! Thanks for stopping by today.

    The second photo of the corner fence is so completely charming! I do remember when people greeted you coming and walked with you to the car going as well. :)

  5. Most times I greet people this way as well as walking them to the car...never really thought much about's what my parents always did.
    Aha..I knew what mudding was but where is this room and what will it be used for? Am I being too nosey? Just wondering!
    I love the fence and I want one like that..and hubby knows, maybe he needs to be reminded, I'll show him the pic.

  6. That is a 'warm welcome'...we don't usually see our guests arriving until they show up at the door. Our South African friends always walk us back to our car when we visit them (no matter the weather!), because that's the custom they grew up with.

    PS Maybe you can do a blogging tutorial on the crochet trim once you have it down pat! I was looking on-line for a pattern recently...I didn't feel like paying the $36 for the class when I already know how to crochet.

  7. Ha! So that's mudding and it's such a city type thing to do, too. I'm very familiar with this activity as "Dear" has done it in our home on a few occassions...
    Here are thought you out in the back forty in the mud with trail bikes or something.
    Blessings on getting ready to be a Grandmother!!

  8. I love being greeted on the porch or in the drive, and that's how I greet my guests, too. Shucks, I still walk my son out to his car when he leaves (as well as my other guests)!

    I can't imagine being greeted by a friendlier, more welcoming face than dear Julie's! You're right, her blog is exceptionally inspiring.

    I'm fairly handy in many crafts, but crocheting isn't one of them. My poor mother has tried to teach me for years, and still tries every time she comes to visit.

    Like IslandSparrow, any grandbabies are at least nine months in the future, but I don't think I'll be crocheting anything for them. I guess that'll be up to great-grandma.

  9. That is exactly what Rudy told me mudding was. What a smart guy I have. And I have always wanted to learn that border around the baby blankets too. Maybe I will in about 10 years.

  10. When you said you were going mudding I thought you were going to put on hip boots and slosh in the mud... fixing up a room is much more productive and fun!!!
    and your learning the are of crochet is wonderful... it is such great fun making things for your grand babies...

  11. Betty, The room is in Terrence and Bea's daylight basement and it will be the proud home of the ping pong table.

  12. I saw a truck pulling ATV's the other day (adult and kid size). I took a quick second look to see if it was Terry. It wasnt't. Then I thought, if it had been he would have been puzzled at a friendly wave from an unknown fellow blogger !

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  14. Don't know why it posted twice. :(

  15. I can't knit or crochet. My nanna and grandmother both tried teaching me when I was 10 and they argued as to which one I should learn first and then both gave up.

    But I can do cross-stitch and I can come out to the driveway when you turn up to visit me.


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