Saturday, October 20, 2007

Indee's pictures collage

Last night we went out for a bit, since it was better than sitting home. When we came home Otis was wandering around the farm looking for his buddy. Poor old guy.

I just wanted to add a few pictures of Indee to this era of life on our farm. If you click on the collage, the pictures will enlarge.

I was smiling at the one second down on the left where Terry is holding Indee and Tobee. I think that was the one and only time, they tried their best to be friends. They were pretty funny together.

I suppose Otis is going to have to have to go back to writing his own blog. He sure did like having an assistant for a while. Click here to see the Otis and Indee blog.

I'm off to do some Saturday cleaning . ..I'll be back.

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  1. I'm so sorry. May the happy memories ease the pain!

  2. Indee was such a cute little girl. I loved the picture of her with the lilacs.

    Maybe that's how she'll greet you in heaven, carrying lilacs again.

  3. I cracked up over that picture of Indee with the lilacs! LOL It's like she's so proud of herself, never even suspecting that she just tore up some beautiful flowers! I know you'll miss her!

    Thanks for the fun story you left in my comments! I can just imagine how you felt! LOL

  4. I'm so sorry to hear this Lovella. Oh, your guy's hearts must be heavy. You have some great memories to look back at.

  5. Oh I didn't read the later post from yesterday and now this one caught me off guard. So sorry to hear about Indee. You didn't have her very long. I hope you'll be okay.

  6. :( Sorry for your loss of Indee...

  7. Oh, I'm sorry to read about your little furry family member. It seems to me that Indee had a lovely life on the farm and was much enjoyed. Everyone needs to be enjoyed - people and furry friends.

    On another note - Papa Smurff indeed! Good job with all that reno work. What a gift to the kids.

  8. I'm sorry to hear about Indee. Hope you're doing ok.

  9. She was soooo cute! I love the picture of her paw.

  10. Poor Otis missing his buddy...that's just sad

  11. I'm praying that God comfort you ...yes He does care!!!
    and may He find a way to fill the hole left in your farm and your hearts.


Thank you!

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