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As Terry headed out to do chores this morning, I walked about the farm and was amazed at the kaleidoscope of color that the trees are wearing.
They don't need to check to see what is in style for this season, the Father has decided this and they are happy to comply.

Last evening we went with friends to see the play Driving Miss Daisy. The play was fantastic. The energy in the small round seating theater was amazing. The actors really captured the essence of the play.
I sat there and wondered . . .if someone was to do a play of my life . .. .what would the theme be.
I so desire to age gracefully. In my own power, it is a hopeless case, with the Lord helping me, I'm giving it a shot. Miss Daisy wasn't terribly concerned about being gracious even though her character was lovable. I'd kind of like to achieve a bit of both. I'm wanting to comply to your will Lord . . .mold me and make me what you want me to be.
Well, I'm off to make some eggs Benedict . .kids are coming.
Have a wonderful day.
This is the day the Lord hath made.


  1. I'd say you are the epitome of aging gracefully.

  2. I like it!! It's short, to the point and that's the model we want to share with our younger friends, daughters and family.

  3. . . . and the Father is the master artist with all the best colors in His palette. Isn't it marvelous that He has chosen to fill this world with so much creativity. Nothing is like anything else, there is always something new and different to enjoy.

    He dwells in your heart, His beauty permeates your soul, and you are beautiful.

  4. There is such beauty all around us in Autumn...all the gorgeous colors, God truly paints well!

    Aging gracefully...I too strive for that and want to be a good model for my daughters.

  5. The colours really are breath-taking this fall...the best in years! Thanks for your 'thought for today'.


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